Graduation Won't Save All Your 'Degrassi' Faves

The final season of Degrassi, formerly known as Degrassi: The Next Generation, is whizzing by faster than ever. The new series is coming next year, but with graduation coming, who is leaving before Degrassi: Next Class hits Netflix? The title indicates that the Canadian teen series is starting from scratch. However, Executive Producer Stephen Stohn confirmed on Twitter that the Next Class cast would include most of the current class. So who will be missing?

A lot has changed in Degrassi's 14 seasons. If anyone would like to explain to me why it's not weird that detention is now called "The Rubber Room," I would greatly appreciate it. However, as much as I used to enjoy Paige, Marco, and Ellie's college years, the incoming Freshman and departing Seniors is something about Degrassi that you can always count on.

Now, it's not uncommon for Degrassi graduates to stick around or take a "victory lap" by repeating their Senior Year. It's quite possible that some of the current upperclassmen will be sticking around with Jack and Jonah, who are the only rising Seniors in the cast. That may be the smallest Senior Class since Degrassi: The Next Generation started and half the cast was in Grade 7. So, while all the drama between Miles, Maya, Zig and Zoë will carry over to Netflix, here are the characters from the Class of 2014 who could be missing when Degrassi returns to take over Netflix, as well as where their characters may be headed.

Jenna Middleton & Connor DeLaurier

It's absolutely time for Jenna and Connor to go. Neither of these Seniors have been seen around the halls lately.

Clare Edwards & Eli Goldsbury

I also think it's time to retire Clare and Eli as well. I'm sorry! I know their relationship is epic, but after what they've been through, the happiest ending would be for them to settle into college life and never be heard from again.

Imogen Moreno

Unless Imogen takes a gap year to be with Jack, I think she'll be moving on.

Alli Bhandari & Mike Dallas

As much as I would love to see Alli and Mike raising a kid together and visiting The Dot to reminisce, it would mean that they both lost out on amazing opportunities. Alli is off to hallowed halls and Mike is leaving to play hockey.

Drew Torres & Becky Baker

Drew is also a repeat offender in the Senior department, so unless he starts working at The Dot (as graduate townies are wont to do), I think he's a goner. However,oIf you ask me, Becky is the most likely to still be around when the series moves to Netflix. She's still a relatively new cast member, and the Christian transfer is in a budding relationship with a hot Junior boy. Whether or not you like her, Becky's story is not over.

Images: Stephen Scott (2), Steve Wilkie (2)/Epitome Pictures