The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" Video Is On Fire

Big news: The music video for "The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" just dropped on Apple Music, and it is sizzling... literally. In the video, The Weeknd — whose given name is Abel Tesfaye — belts out the catchy tune, to a less than enthusiastic audience. Despite his efforts, the audience is less than impressed — and someone even throws a drink at his face. This all changes, however, when someone throws a lighter onstage... which happens to set The Weeknd ablaze. Suddenly invigorated, both the audience and the performance itself becomes extremely lively.

Though he is on fire, The Weeknd continues to dance and perform as the music video goes on — and I gotta say, the whole thing sort of reminds me of Michael B. Jordan's role as Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, in the upcoming Fantastic 4 reboot. I mean... he's on fire, Johnny Storm can control fire — the parallels there alone are huge! I don't know if these similarities were intentional, but still, they're difficult to ignore.

Need proof? Here are some shots from the "Can't Feel My Face" music video that will give you total Johnny Storm vibes.

The Weeknd Being Set Ablaze By A Lighter...

Normally, seeing a lighter being thrown your way would only lead to really terrible things. However, like Johnny Storm, The Weeknd seems unaffected.

... Vs. Johnny Storm Throwing Flames

Similarly, fire isn't kryptonite for Johnny Storm — instead he's able to cultivate it and use it as a weapon.

The Weeknd Performing While Covered In Flames...

For whatever reason, The Weeknd's performance seems to become more alive as soon as he's engulfed in flames.

... Vs. Johnny Storm Defending the World While Covered In Flames

Though Johnny isn't performing for an audience, he and The Weeknd look eerily similar.

The Weeknd's Face Of Fire...

The Weeknd doesn't have any qualms about showing his face — engulfed in fire or not.

... Vs. Johnny Storm Putting His Flame Face On

If you know Marvel Universe history, you know that Johnny Storm has faced adversity his entire life. His trip into space altered his life forever. And yet, despite his odd new abilities, he's ready to face the world head on.

Watch the video for "Can't Feel My Face" at Apple Music, and check out the trailer for Fantastic 4 below.

Images: Can't Feel My Face/Apple Music (4); Fantastic 4/YouTube (3)