Yep, Ariana Grande's Dog Is Now A Coach Model

by Augusta Statz

Coach first called upon a certain pup to model for a campaign of theirs a couple of months ago, and now, it’s official. Ariana Grande’s dog modeled for the Coach Pups campaign, because when Coach comes knocking, you answer. By the looks of it, the doggie, Toulouse, really has a knack for this whole modeling thing. We could have a diva on our hands here, people!

Toulouse joins the ranks of Miss Asia, Lady Gaga’s french bulldog (as if you didn’t know) to become the next face — I mean snout — to star in the Coach Pups campaign. Not only is Coach letting puppies show off the latest handbags, they’re also donating to charities on behalf of their owners. Thanks to Grande and her pooch, a donation was made to No-Kill Los Angeles.

The singer couldn’t be more proud of her pup, as she has taken to Instagram to show off some of the images. She added #fromrescuetorunway to a photo from the campaign, and since Toulouse is a rescue herself, it's the perfect hashtag. What a sweet moment for the stylish dog and owner!

See Toulouse’s best snaps from her modeling debut, plus five other times that Grande and her pet made quite the fashionable pair.

Toulouse makes quite the accessory.

She even has her own bus ad? I never thought I'd be jealous of a dog. Until now.

Someone got a little camera shy!

1. Close-Up

I'm ready for my close-up, but be sure to get me from my good side.

2. Posing

Let's have a pose off!

3. Model Life

Toulouse is living the dream life in Paris. What else would you expect?

4. Accessorizing

Grande's got her accessory, and Toulouse has hers. Look at that little scarf!

5. Spa Time

Every model deserves a good spa night.

Isn't she just the most precious model you've ever seen?