7 Amandla Stenberg Quotes To Inspire You

by Daniela Cabrera

There are moments in time when I feel like my faith in today's youth is restored. Especially in the celebrity world, many young people get stuck in a disillusioned lifestyle, so it's always it is refreshing to hear from young teenagers who are eloquent, wise beyond their years, and use their fame as a platform for more important issues. Such is the case with Amandla Stenberg, the 16-year-old actress who has recently made headlines for her openness in speaking about topics that are important to her, such as race and feminist issues. Amandla Stenberg has given many quotes that can provide inspiration for not only people her own age, but for anyone.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine led me to Stenberg's personal Tumblr, which is full of vibrant and beautiful images, especially those of men and women of color. Her aesthetic reminds me a lot of Solange Knowles', who is known for her bold color blocking and, of course, bold opinions. Stenberg is known to run in the same circle as Jaden and Willow Smith, and Tavi Gevinson, all intelligent young teens coming into their own.

After reading the points that she brought up on a Kylie Jenner Instagram post about cultural appropriation, I was interested to read more about what Stenberg has to say, and this young woman is on the right track with plenty of inspirational words for her many fans.

1. When She Stood Up For Her Voice

She's a treasure.

2. When She Spoke Out About The Baltimore Riots

So many truth bombs, so little time.

3. When Her Mom Inspired Her

Stenberg shared with Essence magazine,

Within months after reading the novel The Hunger Games, I went from telling my mom that I could see myself as this character to actually getting the role. My mother reminds me that if I could manifest such an important role just because I wanted it so much, all of my dreams are possible.

4. When She Said Multiracial Is The Future

Stenberg is born of a Danish father and African-American mother and shared with Rookie magazine,

I’ve met a lot more mixed kids and people like me, so I think the best way to raise a kid is to teach your child that there’s nothing wrong with being multiracial, and even though it is so rare in the media, it is something that is growing. It is much bigger under the surface of what we see every day. Teach your kids that it is a new wave.

5. When She Got Deep With It

Stenberg said in an interview with Dazed Digital,

Any way I say this it’s going to sound pseudo-intellectual or something, but I feel like even though the world feels big and intimidating, it’s almost calming to realise that even within the smallest thing, like a cell, there’s an infinity. And you’d think that wouldn’t be calming, that it would be disconcerting, but actually it just makes me feel that there’s an organisation between everything in the world.

6. When She Said You Need To Be OK With Your Past

In that same interview, she told Tavi Gevinson of Rookie,

I think the internet forces you to be okay with your mistakes, and the things you’ve done in the past, especially when you’re in the media. Personally, that helps me to stop self-editing or being self-conscious, and instead realise that my previous mistakes have allowed me to grow.

7. When She Wrote The Only Tweet That Matters


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