Traci Left 'Little Women: LA' To Grow Her Family

by Kayla Hawkins

Traci Harrison Tsou was Little Women: LA's most conservative member, and provided a shift in perspective from the rest of the ladies. But Traci isn't in Little Women: LA Season 3, and I know I'm worried that the dynamics of the group will never be the same again. They've added some new members to the cast, Brittney Guzman and Jasmine Arteaga, but neither one could possibly replace Traci, who managed to be both the most overly dramatic member of the group and yet also everyone's best friend and confidant. She never compromised her values, yet maintained friendships with women who couldn't be more different from her.

But I can't begrudge Traci for leaving the show, because it's all for a very good reason she confirmed on Twitter: she's pregnant! And if you've watched the show for the past two seasons, you'll know that Traci and her husband Erik have been hoping to have a child for the past few years. When Terra Jole announced that she was pregnant last year, Traci's reaction was disappointment — because her friend was able to accidentally get pregnant right away when she was still struggling. I'm happy to see that her patience has paid off, but I hope she hurries back to Lifetime soon.

She Could Return After Her Pregnancy

According to TMZ, who first reported the pregnancy, Traci had to sit out the season because when they were filming, she'd just found out that she was pregnant with an average size baby, and since she's had trouble conceiving, it makes sense that she wants to take it easy right. I just hope that Traci will return to Little Women: LA after the baby is born, so we can see her and Erik as parents.

There's Always The Occasional Guest Appearance

Since Traci and Erik still live in Los Angeles, nothing is stopping Traci from appearing just for the big events rather than having cameras documenting everything.

Or Even A Spinoff

If she's not willing to document her pregnancy on the air, I'm not sure Traci would want to take on her own show, but if she did, I'd certainly tune in.

The Newbies Could Never Replace Her

Brittney and Jasmine seem great so far, but they don't have the same history with the group that Traci does, and I'm sure presence will be missed this season.

Someone Has To Stop Christy & Terra From Tearing Each Other Apart

I don't know how these two can possibly have the same close/best friend, because every time they're in the same room they look like they're about to kill one another. Having Traci in common sometimes makes them able to tolerate one another. What will happen now?

Everyone On The Show Still Loves Her

TMZ also claims that "there are no hard feelings between production and the Tsous ... everyone is hoping for one happy, healthy baby." It sounds like the show would be happy to take the Tsous back, so the ball remains in their court. Even though Traci won't be on Little Women: LA Season 3 for the best of reasons, fans must still be hoping that she'll eventually find her way back to the show. And if it turns out to be the best choice for their family, I know I'm rooting hard that Traci Harrison Tsou returns to the Little Women franchise.

Image: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime