'Little Women: LA' Will Be Back Before You Know It

The wait is over, Little Women: LA fans. Well, half the wait is over. OK, zero of the wait is over, but at least we know that there is going to be a Season 3 of Little Women: LA . That's half the battle, right? Now we can grab our calendars and start a countdown until we are reunited with Terra, Briana, Elena, Christy, Traci, and Tonya. "That's great and all," you might be saying, "But when will Little Women: LA return?" Well, we might have to wait a bit longer for that date to be released, but that doesn't mean the cast members aren't excited to share what they're up to with fans.

In case you can't wait until a forthcoming date to find out when the season will premiere, allow me to do a little detective work for you and come up with some ballpark guesstimations. There's not a lot to go on, other than past seasons. Season 1 premiered in May 2014. Season 2 premiered in January 2015. There was a five month hiatus between seasons, so, at the risk of living up to the "what happens when we assume" phrase, we can assume that would be the case for between Season 2 and 3. So expect a potential premiere in August or September (about five months after the Season 2 reunion aired).

There will be a sneak peak at Season 3 of Little Women: LA during the finale of Little Women: NY, but if that only peaks your interest more, here's what we can expect from each woman on the show.


Expect to see more of Terra juggling life as a mother to Penelope and planning her wedding to Joe!


Expect Briana to continue to be the fiercest mama ever to Leiana when the show returns. But the real question is if she and Todd will still be together when the show returns?


Expect to see a new side of Elena. The platinum blonde is no longer, as she's darkened up her locks a bit gearing up for Season 3.


Expect to see Christy on the big screen soon. The Little Women: LA star was in a independent film called Strangers In A Book, and is hoping to raise enough funds to get the movie into film festivals.


Expect to see Tonya rocking LilBossBody active wear on the third season, which is an apparel line by the reality star.


Expect more Traci and Erik cuteness next season, because this couple just doesn't quit.

Image: Richard Knapp/Lifetime