Brittney Guzman Is Joining 'Little Women: LA'

The cast of Little Women: LA grew just in time for the Season 3 premiere on July 29. When the Lifetime reality series returns, it will add Jasmine Arteaga and now youngest Little Women: LA star, Brittney Guzman, who seems poised to be a breakout star from the franchise. If you need some evidence, I think that fact that Brittney's nickname is "Freakabritt" should convince you that this star is meant for reality TV. And while I like that the show is growing with the cast and changing as their lives change, everyone is settling down, getting married, and having kids, so it's the perfect time for some to come shake things up.

And the best way to do that? Throw in a younger person who's ready for anything, just got off a year-long tour with a huge celebrity pop star, and has plenty of gossip about the cast. Whether or not that gossip is true, I guess we'll just have to watch Little Women: LA Season 3 in order to find out. Brittney is poised to be the next Terra Jole — someone who not only entertains on the show, but also has a career outside of it as a performer. Many of the Little Women: LA cast used to perform professionally, but Brittney's career is just starting to take off. Here's what you should know about the series' new star.

She's A Dancer

Okay, that's not the most complicated dance she's ever done, but Brittney has been a professional dancer.

She's Already Friends With Terra

Being friends with the queen bee of Little Women: LA has got to have some benefits. Like getting onto her reality show... or hanging out with her adorable baby!

She's Incredibly Young

Brittney's only 22 years old, much younger than the rest of the cast, so she's had very different experiences than them.

She Toured With Miley Cyrus

Brittney just got off of the year-long Bangerz tour, and like Terra, isn't fazed by any of Miley's crazy antics onstage. As you can see, she performed wearing a red Latex jumpsuit, so clearly she's not easily intimidated.

She's Close With Her Dad

On the show, Brittney is living with her father, who's also a little person and performer. At least judging by her heartfelt post on Father's Day, they have a tight relationship.

Her Hair & Makeup Inspire Instagram Envy

This is what "on fleek" means, right? I know no one says that anymore, but this is what it was coined for.

She's Going To Bring Plenty Of Drama

The trailers have Brittney Guzman starting her tenure on Little Women: LA by spreading some pretty crazy rumors. Whether it turns out that Brittney is telling the hard truths or just loves to spread tall tales, it seems that she's not going to be joining the cast quietly. All fans of the show should look forward to seeing how she impacts Season 3.

Image: Patrick Ecclesine/Lifetime