What Does Disclosure's "Omen" Music Video Mean?

On Monday, Grammy Award–nominated dance producers Disclosure dropped the music video for "Omen," their second collaboration with British singer-songwriter Sam Smith. The beautifully shot clip will definitely grab and hold your attention — but it'll likely leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. (Caution: Spoilers ahead.) For example, where does the story take place? When does the story take place? Who is the mysterious tattoo artist? (Side note: Don’t you want to be her friend? She looks so cool!) Why are so many people at the extravagant Great Gatsby–esque party getting tattoos? Why does the aforementioned party get shut down? And why is Smith standing all by himself on that crowded dance floor looking like Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh?? Someone should’ve asked him to dance! The list goes on and on. Basically, I want to know: What does the Disclosure "Omen" music video mean?

I don't have any “official” answers for you, but I can give you my totally unofficial interpretation of events. Who knows? I may uncover something you missed the first time around. (It’s important to note that the visual ends with a “To Be Continued” caption, so it’s possible Disclosure will expand upon the story in future.) Here’s my take on the mysterious “Omen” vid:

Theory: The Story Takes Place In The Future

Yeah, we don't have holograms floating above our skyscrapers in 2015 (at least... not that I'm aware of). I definitely think the story takes place in the future. (Make a mental note of those red spheres.)

Theory: This Futuristic City Has A Large Police Presence

Check out those police helicopters flying overhead! Is that level of surveillance normal around these parts?

Theory: The Two People On The Motorcycle Are Outlaws

They're driving pretty fast, so I'm guessing they're being pursued. Why? And by whom? I'm not quite sure yet. (The main action of the video takes place two weeks after this shot.)

Theory: There's Illegal Stuff Going Down At The Party

Just before the tattoo artist enters the venue, two suspicious-looking men slowly drive by her in a dark-colored car:

Are they cops? She looks unnerved. After she scans something on her wrist to gain entry to the building (a tattoo?), she finds that the door to the party itself is guarded:


Theory: The Caracal Is A Symbol Of Rebellion

As the tattoo artist walks past this creepy horned statue, a hologram of a caracal appears. As Disclosure member Howard Lawrence explained in a statement in June, a caracal is a type of wild cat. (ICYMI: Caracal is the name of the duo's upcoming new album.) Something tells me the animal's face is a symbol of rebellion for these partygoers. They're breaking the law, but they don't care! They're taking a stand against an oppressive regime... or something like that.

The party scene kind of looks like a speakeasy:

See what I mean?

Theory: This Dude Has Been Wronged Somehow

I mean, just look at his face. He's furious!

Theory: You Have To Get A Special Tattoo In Order To Belong To This Group Of "Rebels"

Why else would people be getting inked at the party?

Theory: The Red Sphere Is The Unjust Government's Official Symbol

Everything is going just fine... then, suddenly, this woman's blue caracal hologram changes to the red sphere we saw floating above the city's skyscrapers at the beginning of the video:

Shortly after, the police are shown waiting outside:

Uh-oh. Clearly, it's a sign of trouble. What are these people doing that's against the law? I have no idea.

Theory: There Are Definitely Weird Sex Things Happening At The Party

Towards the end of the clip, the situation on the dance floor gets really steamy...

It's like Eyes Wide Shut up in here!

In the final moments, the screen fades to black and we hear what sounds like a bunch of cops busting the joint. Damn. Party's over! Hopefully Disclosure's next video will give us some clear answers — they've certainly piqued my interest.

Images: DisclosureVEVO/YouTube (16)