5 Signs You Are Totally Over Summer

As you may have noticed, it's ridiculously hot outside. From coast to coast, Mother Nature is doing her best to boil us all alive, resulting in a growing number of people who are totally over summer. They're longing for sweater weather to arrive, even if that means months of freezing temperatures, sleet, and dodging dirty piles of snow and trash.

I, for one, am really looking forward to the crazy-low utility bills of winter in California. This summer has been so hot and humid that opening the windows is something I'm only able to do maybe twice a week, and always in the middle of the night. All other hours of the day, you'll hear a chorus of harmonious hums coming from the box air conditioners in my building.

Getting into a car is like hopping into a preheated oven. And can we talk about the bugs for a second?! When I moved here from North Carolina, I didn't bargain for Los Angeles being overtaken by that scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom . I'm gonna need the bugs to vacate Southern California immediately.

Here are some telltale signs that you are completely over "beach season" and are ready for whatever winter has up its sleeve (seasonal Starbucks lattes).

1. The novelty of dresses and sandals has completely worn off

The day you find yourself thinking, "It's just so much easier to accessorize in colder weather," is the day you're officially over it. I'm sure that by March, I'll be dreaming about brunching on patios in sundresses, but for the time being, I'm missing my jackets and cute scarves.

2. You start avoiding every outdoor weekend activity that doesn't involve water

Bruno Mars is right. It is too hot. It's too hot for a hike, or a bike, or any kind of outdoor activity for which you are not fully submerged in water with a blended cocktail in hand. If it's not the beach or the pool, forget it.

3. You're counting down the days until you can drink your favorite seasonal latte

Unless you're some kind of caffeine masochist, you can't even order a hot coffee when it's this gross out. If the barista picks up one of those white cups, I shudder and beg, "Iced! ICED, PLEASE!"

4. Trips to the store are appealing only because they have AC

While many chores become way less appealing when it's hot, grocery shopping is much more exciting. Just let me hang out in the freezer aisle.

5. You ran out of sunscreen again, and you experience a little bit more anxiety every time you have to buy more

Two solid sunburns into the summer, and I'm still confused as to how I've burned through three whole huge bottles of sunscreen. I mean, I'm a small, pale person who has to use the stuff every day or risk looking like Elmo, but still. How can this season consume so much SPF 50?!

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