Watch "100 Years Of Beauty: Germany"

by Jessica Thomas

We all know and love those awesome 100 years of beauty videos that have been circling the web over the past few months. From the Philippines to India, the videos are a quick way to learn more about a country's culture (and pick up beauty tips!). Germany has obviously been one of the biggest influences on the events of the past century, and the 100 Years of Beauty: Germany video conveyed its history in a really cool way.

World Wars I and II were two of the largest wars of the 20th century and both heavily involved German influence. Following WWII, during the years that followed Germany's defeat, the country was divided into two countries, East and West Germany. The West was controlled by the Allied forces of the United States, United Kingdom and France, while the East was controlled by the USSR.

Political differences aside, the two countries had entirely different cultures, including beauty practices. Naturally, during the 1950s, the screen of the video splits to show two different versions of German beauty: West and East. When the 1990s roll around, the sides merge once again, symbolizing the reunification of Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Blonde model Brooke Williams, who bears a resemblance to famous German supermodel Claudia Schiffer, shows off the country's history, starting in 1910. The 1920s brought bobbed hair and red lipstick, similar to what flappers in America looked like.

By 1940, WWII had started, and women were joining the war effort. Germany's occupation of most of Europe meant men were fighting while women worked at home, as evidenced by the military cap Williams wears. Although I appreciate the fact that the video doesn't gloss over history, it's hard to look at this image and not think of the millions of men and women who were dying at Germany's hands during this decade.

By the 1950s, it's time for Germany to split in two. The Western influence of America, the UK and France meant women were a little more free, while conservative East Germany reverted to a more traditional look.

The 1980s brought two distinctly different looks, with West Germany favoring shaggy hair, bold gold jewelry and...a red sweatband? East Germany was decidedly more punk, with heavy black liner and crazy spiked hair.

When the two countries rejoined in the 1990s, the country still fell victim to tragic 90s-style mistakes, including the ever-present dark, visible lipliner.

Cut LLC has a serious challenge in showing of 100 years of beauty in a minute and a half, but they do a good job with this Germany interpretation, paying attention to the history of this European country. Check out the rest of the looks in the complete video below.

Images: YouTube