Reformation's RefRecycle Program Just Made Donating Clothes Easy & Rewarding

Girl, I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but it's time to donate all those old clothes. The good news? It just got a whole lot easier and more mentally rewarding with Reformation's RefRecycle program. The brand gets that your pile of has-beens are essentially a beast that requires mental and physical preparation. So instead of having you tackle the beast by spending hours on end, Reformation wants to help you donate bit by bit.

With every online purchase from the brand's site, you'll receive a box, a Lazy Person's Guide to Recycling pamphlet, and a return shipping label. Just put all the old clothes that you can possibly fit in the box (except for winter coats and damaged clothes), slap on the return shipping label, and ship it away.

Sounds easy enough, but sometimes, there's that sad feeling of giving away memorable clothes from your past, you know? Like those high-waisted, super flared jeans with rhinestone-encrusted butt pockets that you worked all over the gym floor at your first dance. Sure, you'd never wear them again, but like...those jeans were your signature dance pants. You don't want them to just end up anywhere. Luckily, Reformation totally gets it. The brand partnered up with Community Recycling, which is a company that connects people through donating clothes.

The clothes that you ship over to Reformation will each have its own individual tracking label after they're received. From there, you can log onto your Reformation account and see where your old clothes ended up. Oh, and if you happen to find an Instagram-worthy, embarrassing outfit from your past, Reformation is offering a $500 reward for the "best bad outfit." Just use the hashtags #outfitofthepast and #RefRecycle to enter the contest.

Even donating a little bit might do actually do a lot. Especially for the environment.

Images: reformation/Instagram (4)