'Little Women: LA's Brittney Dropped Major Rumors

In the Season 3 premiere of Little Women: LA, new cast member Brittney Guzman claimed that Elena cheated on her husband Preston with... Brittney's dad. But as of right now, there doesn't seem to be any truth to this rumor. Looking at the show itself and Elena's social media, there are no signs of any trouble in her marriage. This seems like a strange accusation from Brittney, especially since this is her debut on the Lifetime reality series.

But there's another question: who is Brittney's father? He's not in the show's premiere, but with an accusation this big in the first episode, I can't imagine that he won't appear in the rest of the season. Especially because Brittney is currently living with him... and this show loves to make the Little Women: LA come face to face with anyone at the center of drama. Lest you forget, basically everyone in the cast also dated Todd, Christy's husband, and Joe's ex is a main cast member on Little Women: NY.

Brittney's father David Guzman is, par his Instagram description, " Entertainer 🎥📺🎩 Dancer Baller 🏀 lildlb3@aol.com; Facebook/LA Wolfpack; Facebook/Fun Size Entertainment." He is also an actor (his IMDB credits his biggest part as a recurring role in a 2010 sitcom), and his little person basketball team, the LA Breakers, was written up in The Los Angeles Times.

But none of that affects Elena and Preston. They are clearly still together, as Elena just posted an Instagram of them on vacation. And if they have had problems in the past, they haven't made them public yet, so we'll have to watch the rest of the season in order to find out whether or not they went through any rough patches.

Seemingly, the rest of the season will keep addressing this claim, because you can spot David about a minute into this Season 3 trailer as the rest of the ladies discuss whether Brittney has been spreading rumors or just telling the harsh truth.

Of course, the first episode and a "this season on" trailer aren't going to reveal everything, but I feel like even after some digging, there are more questions than ever about whether Elena did what Brittney claims. It's a serious accusation, and I hope Little Women: LA Season 3 gets to the bottom of it soon.

Image: Patrick Ecclesine/Lifetime