Does She Have a Baby on the Way?

We're already in the process of seeing two, count 'em two, weddings being planned on Little Women: LA this season. Don't you think it's time for a cast member to go through another major life event? During last Tuesday's episode, Elena Gant contemplated getting a breast augmentation. While that wasn't the major life event I was referring to, it does have something to do with it. Elena and her husband Preston would like to have children some day, and Elena was concerned that getting breast implants could impact her ability to breastfeed, in addition to causing other complications, if she gave birth too soon after having plastic surgery.

After her consultation with a plastic surgeon, it looked like Elena was leaning toward putting her breast implants on hold because she and her husband are likely to start a family in the near future. In Tuesday night's episode of Little Women: LA, Elena will visit her husband's family and reveal the deal with her pregnancy. We learned earlier this season, when Elena had medical tests done to find out what kind of dwarfism she has, that with each pregnancy, there is a 50 percent chance Elena can pass along the dwarfism gene to her child. According to the episode's description, Elena's in-laws will be pretty shocked by the news, but they must've known there was a chance Elena's child could be born a little person.

Admit it, though. After watching this whole season, you're invested in Elena and the rest of the cast's futures. There's no doubt that she and her husband will make beautiful babies whether they are little people or not, and it'll be interesting to see what genes Elena's future baby gets from his or her's parents.

Since filming of Little Women: LA wrapped, it's unclear whether or not Gant has tried to get pregnant, but by the looks of her various social media accounts, she has not experienced the wonder of motherhood just yet. However, it looks like she has her hands full already with her husband and dog.

At least we know that Gant shouldn't have any problems with fertility due to her dwarfism, which we learned from her physical earlier this season. However, Gant revealed that she is worried about the hardships and the possible alienation her child could experience if he or she is born with dwarfism. It's definitely not going to be easy, but if her future child follows in the footsteps of how Gant and her fellow Little Women: LA cast members have taken on the world, the baby will grow up to be just fine.

Image: Lifetime