Kirsten & Liam Are Off, But What's His Plan?

Thank goodness Stitchers fans! We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief now that we know for sure that Kirsten and Liam are not getting married. After an episode filled with tension over Kirsten not giving Liam an answer about his proposal, mixed with his jealousy over Cameron, Kirsten finally told Liam that she couldn't marry him. And thankfully she didn't use another man or anyone else as an excuse, she told him she couldn't marry anyone as she was still discovering who she was on her own. Now obviously I'm a huge fan of the potential Kirsten and Cameron relationship, so Kirsten turning Liam's proposal down was such a great feeling. But it looks like Liam is going away yet. After Kirsten rejected him, he called someone on the phone and asked for a Plan B. Why is Liam sticking around? And why was he trying to get closer to Kirsten?

I'm sticking with my original theory here folks, I think Liam is working with Kirsten's dad. We know that Maggie and Les are both worried that Kirsten's father may have appeared in a photo of Liam as he was accepting an award, so they already think the two could be in cahoots. Why else would she be so opposed to the idea of Liam and Kirsten being together?

Perhaps Liam is working with Kirsten's father to get closer to her and find out more about the stitchers program so they can shut it down from the inside with Kirsten's help. Or maybe Liam is working with someone more ominous and dangerous than Kirsten's father. The promo for the summer finale shows Kirsten finding out that she wasn't born with temporal dysplasia, is it at all possible that Kirsten's father was involved in her getting the disorder thanks to her stitching into someone at an early age or thanks to some other kind of technological advancement made for a nefarious purpose? I think Kirsten will find answers with Liam and whomever he's working with, but the question is, will we get those answers by the summer finale?

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; stitcherstv/Tumblr