‘Stitchers’ Kirsten & Cameron Need To Date, Because They’re Too Perfect To Be Apart

Stitchers fans, I've come to a realization. As much as I believe that the ABC Family series' leads Kirsten and Cameron should date, I think it's still a little too early for the OTP on the show to really take off into coupledom. (It's only Season 1, guys.) However, I do believe whole heartedly in their union and think they should eventually end up together, because I truly believe that on Stitchers, no one understands Kirsten better than Cameron and vice versa. The two have become fast friends, starting out with a witty, sarcastic banter which has turned into real concern for each other. Sure, it can be argued that Kirsten and Cameron's relationship is the same as Marta and Cameron's. But, the feelings seem to be growing stronger and deeper with Kirsten and Cameron than Cameron may have felt for Marta. Of course, we'll never know for sure now that Marta has been killed.

But, of course there has to be more than one reason for Kirsten and Cameron to be a perfect couple (though not the perfect couple on Stitchers because that honor is bestowed upon Camille and Linus!). Why else would these two work in a relationship together?

1. They Push Each Other To Be Better

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Never have I seen two other people who can really push one another to be their best selves. In their case it's absolutely true that sometimes the best people for you are the ones who push you out of your comfort zone and make you realize what else you can do in the world. Kirsten has never made friends or connections the way she has when she's with Cameron (and of course a huge thanks goes to feeling emotions while she's stitching into someone's body). And even Cameron is learning quite a bit about himself from his connection with Kirsten.

2. Kirsten's Emotions Are Growing/Intensifying

Seeing Kirsten be able to not only deal with her growing emotions, but also embrace them thanks to Cameron is really quite wonderful to see. I think she should learn to figure out what her emotions mean by dating a few other people because once she knows for sure what she wants, she'll be with Cameron, and he'll want it too.

3. Cameron Is Learning Not To Take Everything To Heart

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Cameron was over protective of Marta which transferred over to Kirsten as she began her tenure in the Stitchers program. Kirsten is helping Cameron figure out that he can't take the responsibility, guilt, and blame for the things that happen outside of his control. Kirsten needs to get in touch with the residual emotions that she feels from the stitch, whether it gets her in trouble or not.

4. They're Both On The Same Side Of A Coming Fight

We know for sure that Cameron didn't blow the whistle on the Stitchers program, but we can assume he won't be loyal to Maggie when the time comes that her deception and duplicitous nature is revealed. Kirsten and Cameron will be able to count on each other to be on the same team in this fight.

5. They Work Well Together On The Job & Off

Honestly, they're kind of the perfect teammates on the job which would totally translate if they got together in real life. I know it's not gonna happen quite yet, but I can't wait for their OTP status when they do finally start to date, because, really, it's inevitable.

Images: Tony Rivetti/ABC Family; fallenfromfiction (2), hummelssmythe/Tumblr