This Woman Takes Drone Selfies, So All Of You Selfie Stick Users Need To Get On Her Level — PHOTOS

I was on a yacht this weekend (she said casually). (But seriously, there were a ton of other people also there so with costs split a billion ways, it was a very reasonable daily rate per person. Plus I really only existed off corn chips and PBR all day, so I promise it isn't THAT big of a deal. Everyone, please relax.) As you can imagine, there was selfie stick action galore. I never personally fiddled with it, but I was intrigued. That was Sunday, though. This is Wednesday and the game has changed. Now, one woman takes selfies with a drone.

Renee Lusano dedicated her Instagram account to her exotic travels as captured via drone camera. It takes selfies to next level, sure, but it takes bragging rights to a whole new planet. Remember, this is coming from a person who spent a few hours on a real yacht recently. This is luxury on blast. And that's OK. That's more than OK — it's pretty much enviable. Fine, I'll say it: I wanna take freaking photos of myself draped across non-active volcanos so I can make all my peers and every single boy I've kissed feel envious. I am only human. As is Lusano (presumably), but still:

Apparently Lusano is on her third drone, at least one of them crashing into the ocean. Listen, I know the drone thing is super cool and all, but my serious fascination is here is Luscano's amazing hair.

HAIR. OK, back to the drone:

So now we all have a new goal, I guess. Drone selfies? Sure! IDK, y'all. Suddenly I feel like IDK anything anymore.

Images: Getty Images