11 Predictions About Grown-Up Nicky & Alex

Be prepared for some very confusing feelings. Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit are joining the cast of Fuller House, the Full House sequel, as the grown-up versions of their Full House characters Nicky and Alex according to an Instagram from Blake. The twins broke the news on Instagram when they both posted photos of their Fuller House scripts, revealing they'll be reprising their roles as John Stamos and Lori Loughlin's TV sons. Fuller House will hit Netflix in 2016, and the new series centers on DJ "(a pregnant, widowed mother of two) now living with best friend Kimmy (a divorced mother of one) and younger sister Stephanie. The rest of the Tanner family — Danny, Joey, Jesse, Becky, Nicky, Alex, and Teri — will cycle in and out of their lives." Netflix announced during TCA that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were "teetering" on joining the cast, but the Tuomy-Wilhoit twins are officially signed on, and Full House fans won't believe what they look like today. They're still cute, only now they're older, crazy good looking, and possibly making you very uncomfortable.

Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit could easily be the breakout stars of the series, though it's going to be hard for me to imagine them as full adults. When did they learn how to use Instagram? They know how to use computers? But now that the twins are grown up, they've obviously got lives of their own. Here's where I think we might find them when they show up on Fuller House:

They'll Have A Signature Catchphrase To Call Their Own

Because it isn't Full House without the endearingly dorky catchphrases.

They'll Have A New, More Mature Look

They've aged beautifully.

They'll Be Just As Heartbreakingly Beautiful As Their TV Dad

So good looking it's almost illegal.

They'll Both Have Great Hair

Just like Uncle Jesse.

They'll Have Some Killer Outfits

Flannel is essential.

Smoldering Looks

Oh my.

Perfect Eyebrows

On fleek, indeed.

Adorable Facial Expressions

They'll never stop being cute.

A Side Story Involving A Budding Teen Romance

Ample bro tanks and gold chains are also a must.

Adorable Father & Son Moments That Will Melt Your Icy Heart

Bring on the feelings, you two.

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