When Is The Best Time To Hit Up Your Fave Shop?

If you're like me, every piece of technology in your life is constantly asking you to update one thing or another. Well, yesterday Google released an update that you'll actually appreciate. You can now use Google to determine the best time to visit a nearby business based on how busy they are. From now on, when you perform a Google search for a local business and take a closer look at its details, you will also be able to see the most popular times for that particular business. You'll even be able to scroll through a day-by-day bar chart highlighting the busiest times throughout the week. So what does this mean for you? Well, skipping lines, of course. Is there really anything better

User aggregated GPS-backed technology is responsible for this business-level data collection. It's basically the same way Google Maps has been able to give us information on things like traffic patterns and conditions. So, not only will Google help you avoid traffic lines on your way to your favorite business, but it will now help you avoid them when you get there, too. Yes please!

If you're not seeing this update yet, don't worry; it's in the process of rolling out now. Fortunately for us, though, Google isn't the only on one board with getting us through life easier. Here are so other apps that help you avoid the crunch:

1. NoWait

The description is all in the name: This app lets you check into your favorite restaurants to see how long the wait time is, then add yourself to the waiting list... even for places that don't take reservations. No more obsessing over that little blinking, vibrating square of anticipation.

2. Universal Orlando Wait Times

Theme park wait times can be excruciating. It's hot, people smell, kids cry etc. This nifty app lets you know the wait times on specific rides so you know which ones to avoid at certain times while you're at Universal — and loads of other theme parks have similar options, so you win no matter where you are.

3. Restaurant Apps

Places like Starbucks and Chipotle have ordering via app, letting you place your order while you're on your way and pay for your meal at the push of a button (well, the tap of a touchscreen). This allows you to skip the line when you get there and pick up your already-made deliciousness.

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