Starbucks Mobile Ordering Just Expanded In A Big Way, So Here Are 7 More Things I Wish I Could Order Immediately On My Phone

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Good news for coffee lovers: Starbucks mobile ordering just expanded, reaching 21 more states as America's anti-social laziness meter continues to rise. No, it's great. I'd definitely use it. I mean, this is coming from the hungover girl who ordered Chipotle on their mobile app while driving home only to get to the restaurant to realize they were closed...for Easter. I'm a big fan of mobile ordering despite its relative laziness, which is why the Starbucks expansion is so awesome.

Starbucks' mobile ordering app allows customers to order and pay from their phones; then all they need to do is come on into the store, skip the lines at the register, and pick up their drinks. This perk previously existed in around 650 locations; now, though, it's available in more than 4,000, thanks to the roll-out in the Southern and Central U.S. — roughly half of the coffee chain's company stores. Starbucks is hoping to have mobile ordering in all stores by the end of 2015, as well as to launch the app for Android (It currently only exists for iPhone users).

I don't know about you, but reading and writing about coffee definitely makes me want one. Speaking of wanting things, here are some other things I wish I could order from my phone and have immediately available to me — can someone get on that? Like, now?

1. A Decent Match On Tinder

Can there be an App that makes this App not waste my time? Please?

2. The End Of My Period

Thanks, Mother Nature, I'm not pregnant... can this be over now?

3. Anything At The DMV

I think they do have mobile apps, but it's obviously never for anything you actually need. Because it's he DMV.

4. Getting On Everyone's Level When I Arrive Somewhere Sober

Is there anything worse than showing up somewhere when everyone else is already turned up? Yikes.

5. Sleep

Like... there are already not enough hours in the day. Can't I just download a full nights sleep on my phone and have an energy power-bar like in The Sims?

6. The Next Season Of OITNB

Because being able to stream the entire new season isn't enough and I want to be able to order new episodes on my phone infinitely.

7. Ruby Rose

While we're on the subject... #NoExplanationNeeded

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