Bad News, Dry Shampoo Addicts

by Madison Fraser

The year that dry shampoo became a staple in everyone's daily beauty routine was the day my life changed – it's just so easy to spritz and go. Unfortunately, to the horror of many, overuse of dry shampoo can damage your hair.

You may already know that being overly dependent on dry shampoo can leave your scalp dry and flaky because the powder soaks up any natural oils you produce. Due to this, many hair experts advice rotating between the dry stuff and the wet stuff a few times a week to avoid dandruff. As it turns out, though, dryness may not be the only problem your dry shampoo could be causing.

“If it’s left on the hair too long it can also clog up the pores, leading to spots and sore patches,” celebrity hairstylist Lee Stafford told the Daily Mail. Uh, excuse me?

This makes sense, but as I am something of a dry shampoo addict, I am still pretty wary. The good news is the damage is only extensive if you use dry shampoo too frequently. Jezebel dug into the question of whether dry shampoo causes hair loss and found that, while it doesn't necessarily cause balding from the scalp, it can lead to excess breakage when you don't shampoo and condition as often. "Dry shampoo will not cause hair loss from the scalp, though it can sometimes lead to breakage due to tangling," hair loss expert Dr. David Kingsley explained to Jezebel.

The verdict? Using a few times a week won't hurt, just try not to douse it on like a mad woman. All you really need is a spray at the roots and you're good to go. To avoid using dry shampoo everyday, here are some additional products to keep your hair (and scalp) happy and healthy.

  1. Dry Texturizing Spray

Dry Texturizing Spray, $46, Amazon

This cult classic texturizing spray is frequently used by hair stylists as an alternative to dry shampoo. I use this myself and have to say — it's worth the hype. Like a dry shampoo, it adds volume and texture to your roots on the days when your hair needs a little oomph. Instead of extending your blow out with dry shampoo, turn your head upside down spritz a little of this throughout your roots. You'll fall in love, I promise.

2. Clarifying Shampoo

Shampooing Clarifiant, $36, Amazon

French hair stylist Christophe Robin's self-designed clarifying shampoo softens dry hair with chamomile and cornflower. If you use a lot of hair products, you need to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to remove all the impurities that have piled up on your scalp. Using this will make your hair feel the cleanest it's ever been.

3. Botanical Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment, $36, Amazon

Phyto is the queen of restoring damaged hair. If you're scalp gets flaky from dry shampoo, use a few drops of this oil treatment on your scalp before stepping in the shower. Not only does the relaxing aroma of it smell amazing, but it will also prevent your scalp from being too dry before it's too late. Anything to prevent those bald spots, ya know?

Images: Ben_Kerckx/Pixabay Courtesy Brands (3)