'The Perfect Girlfriend' Is More Fiction Than Fact

Lifetime's newest movie follows a man who moves away from his girlfriend, only for his new boss to become infatuated with him and begin impersonating his love. While the premise has similar themes to other guilty pleasure films, is Lifetime's The Perfect Girlfriend based on a true story? The former The Bold and the Beautiful star Adrienne Frantz stars as Simone, the woman who is trying to sabotage her employee's relationship. This story sounds familiar (at least in the world of entertainment), but one can only hope that the scenario of The Perfect Girlfriend isn't based on reality.

While Lifetime has not released a lot of information about The Perfect Girlfriend, it doesn't appear that the movie is related to any true story. There are plenty of real-life stories that deal with impersonation, but those cases are usually linked to the person stealing someone's identity for financial gain — not because they are obsessed with the person's boyfriend. But The Perfect Girlfriend is made up of the stuff that thriller dreams (or nightmares) are made of. When it premieres on Saturday, August 1 at 8 p.m., the movie may not ring true, but here are three other movies it will remind you of.

Single White Female

Single White Female is the number one film about impersonators. Allie (Bridget Fonda) looks for a roommate after her fiancé cheats on her and ends up with Hedy (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Hedy becomes obsessed with Allie and after getting the same haircut and wearing the same clothes as Allie, starts to pretend to be her.


Beyonce's film, costarring Idris Elba and Ali Larter, doesn't deal with impersonation, but it is about a woman obsessed with a coworker. Similar to Fatal Attraction, Lisa (Larter) is a temp employee for Derek (Elba) and then becomes infatuated with him, making numerous attempts to sabotage his marriage to Sharon (Beyonce). But as anyone knows, if you go head-to-head with Beyonce, you're not gonna win.

The Roommate

The Roommate is known for being a bad rip-off of Single White Female, so the stories are pretty identical. But this time, Leighton Meester's Rebecca is the one infatuated with Minka Kelly's Sara. Rebecca gets the same tattoo as Sara and dyes her hair like her while wreaking havoc on Sara's life.

Although none of these films are exactly like The Perfect Girlfriend, the overarching theme is that the woman who becomes obsessed to the point of impersonation or deceit, usually doesn't survive the film. So, sorry Simone, but your chances of survival in The Perfect Girlfriend aren't looking good.

Images: chaptertwo-thepacnaw, maka7, in-love-with-movies/Tumblr