Caitlin Gallagher

Caitlin Gallagher is an entertainment writer at Bustle, covering TV and entertainment news. A reluctant Bachelor Nation convert, she loves to focus on scripted shows and is mourning the loss of Broad City, Game of Thrones, and Fleabag. But she finds comfort in What We Do in the Shadows and (somewhat miraculously) Black Mirror and BoJack Horseman. Caitlin's work also appears on HelloGiggles. Previously, she was an editor for a student assessment company and worked in communications in the health care field. She has been a massage therapist and performer as well. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn after pit stops in New Hampshire, New Zealand, and Washington DC. A native of South Jersey, she thanks Tina Fey for representing the land of hoagies. When not writing or watching TV, she can be found planning her next Halloween costume, looking for a cat to pet, or talking about why Season 2 of The Leftovers is the best TV that has ever existed. Follow her on Twitter at @cgalls5.