Anna's Hawaii Pics Are Here To Make You Jealous

As if I needed another reason to adore one of my favorite actresses, Anna Kendrick goes and shares photos from Hawaii that show what an amazing vacation buddy she makes. You know what that means? That Anna and I are soon going on vacay? Well, duh, but it also means that if you love to travel or are soon going on an adventure, you should probably take after the Pitch Perfect star. Ever since Kendrick started filming Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates , alongside Aubrey Plaza, Zac Efron, and Adam DeVine, she's been posting gorgeous Instagram pictures from their Hawaiian filming location. Ugh. It must really be a rough life being super famous and traveling to beautiful destinations as part of your job.

Anyways, as you can see below, the Oscar-nominated actress is having all kinds of fun in Hawaii — and who can blame her? She's experiencing the islands the right way. From strolling through the ocean to hiking to taking pictures with her costars to climbing palm trees, Kendrick is making everyone extremely jealous with her "work."

She's also showing why she'd be amazing to go on vacation with. Who wouldn't want to travel with the witty and charming woman who knows how to make the best of a trip? I know I do. With that said, here are seven reasons Kendrick would make a fantastic travel buddy.

1. She Has An Eye For Beauty

I mean, just look at that view.

2. She Takes B-E-A-U-tiful Photos & Videos

She could be your personal photographer and videographer.

3. She's Curious

Who doesn't want to travel with someone who is curious and does their research?

4. She's Adventurous

Vacation is all about the adventure and thrills.

5. She's All About Relaxing

Relaxation is key for when the adventures are over.

6. She's Fearless & Fun

Both vacay necessities.

7. She Knows Zac Efron

Enough said.

So, Anna, where we traveling together next?