'Veronica Mars' Movie Gets Release Date, We Hyperventilate Quietly Until Then

Glory be hallelujah, we have a Veronica Mars movie release date. Kristen Bell's already having a big week what with Frozen kicking such Disney butt at the box office — now she can add that her miracle of the rebirth of her most beloved character is finally getting a premiere date. Welcome back, Veronica Mars. We missed you so.

For those who, like this writer, will be marking up her calendar with this date and the Veronica Mars re-watch that will consume her life leading up to it, you can expect the Veronica Mars movie to hit theaters on March 14, 2014. That's exactly a year and a day after the date the announcement and launching of the now-legendary kickstarter that funded much of the movie in record time.

Only time will tell how well Veronica & Co. will actually perform at the box office — word-of-mouth's definitely strong with this one, and Bell's profile's now higher than ever what with being a Disney princess and all, but let's remember that Firefly's film, Serenity, didn't perform too well at the box office despite its also-legendary fan devotion.

Still, executive producer/director Rob Thomas seems willing to put it all out there as much as he can to see what happens: “We’re not going to dribble it out there,” Thomas said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, speaking of the fact that they're nixing their original plan of rolling the film out in a limited engagement to instead put it into theaters nationwide. “There are smart ways to do a movie of this size — and we chose none of them. We are a low budget movie with big set pieces and 60 speaking roles. A murder mystery in a house would have been more cost effective. But I think we have managed to pull it off.”

(EW's also got an exclusive clip that you should watch if you like looking at the faces of the Veronica Mars cast as much as I do.)

Regardless of how much dough this thing rakes in, though, I for one and unabashedly super excited for March 14, 2014.

Image: Warner Bros.