Adam Brody, June Diane Raphael & 6 Other Reasons You Should Be Watching 'Burning Love'

Your favorite show is on tonight, and you probably didn't even know it. On Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m., E! airs Burning Love , Yahoo's web series that mocks The Bachelor and all of its incarnations. Even if it's a few months behind, we're glad that E! brings the hilarious parody to TV, because as many people as possible should be watching.

The second season is currently airing on E!, which stars June Diane Raphael as Julie Gristlewhite, a contestant from the first season who wasn't picked by Ken Marino's eligible fireighter Mark Orlando. Even if you didn't catch that first season, don't worry. Just like the real Bachelor and Bachelorette, the seasons don't have any real continuity, and you can dive right in with Julie.

If you get really addicted, which you definitely will, the whole second season is still available on Yahoo, along with the third season, Burning Down the House, a take on Bachelor Pad. Here are just a few of the ways that Burning Love has stolen our hearts, and how it will steal yours too.

Images: Yahoo

Julie is So Much Better than Mark

June Diane Raphael is amazing, and she plays the shallow, ditzy, desperate for love Julie perfectly. Season one's contestant Mark was funny, but his asshole-who-doesn't-know-it persona got a little annoying. Julie is just consistently entertaining and the perfect imitation of overenthusiastic Bachelorettes.

Every Guy You Love is Included

Could that lineup get any better? Actually, it can, because two other contestants, played by Adam Brody and Adam Scott, aren't even included. Between the two of them, comedians Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer, Michael Cera basically playing himself with a nut allergy, Colin Hanks, Jerry O'Connell and Ryan Hansen, it's hard to understand how Julie could possibly choose just one of them.

The Single Character Traits

Every guy competing for Julie's box (an engagement ring box, duh) basically gets one trait to define them. Of course since this is a parody, they are all absurd. One guy is obsessed with the fact that he was born premature, another is strangely obsessed with son and there's even a guitar-playing cowboy who knows exactly one song.

Adam Brody

Guys, I can't emphasize this enough, Adam Brody is on Burning Love. Not only that, but the sole trait his character, Max, is defined by is being really into being Jewish. The whole thing is hilarious, and there could never be too much Adam Brody in your life.

The Guest Stars

Even with such an amazing cast, Burning Love manages to get guest stars who are even more exciting. Look out for executive producer Ben Stiller and his real-life wife, Christine Taylor, plus appearances from Paul Rudd, Jessica St. Clair, Rebecca Romijn and more.

The Dates are Insane

It's pretty easy to tell that Julie is a bit... silly. So when she takes the guys out on group dates, they are usually absurd, in the funniest ways possible. From puppet shows complete full mental breakdowns to freestyle rap battles, the producers of The Bachelor may want to use some of these ideas to liven up their show.

Michael Ian Black as Chris Harrison

Okay, Michael Ian Black really plays Bill Tundle, but as the host of Burning Love, he's the sarcastic voice of semi-reason that Harrison wishes he could be. He manages to call out Julie, the guys and the show in general, while maintaining the straight face required of a host thrown into the middle of madness.

Julie's Twitter

In case Burning Love doesn't let you know enough of what's going on in Julie's head, she's on Twitter. It's not updated as frequently as we would like, but when it is, it's typical Julie. Whether asking for prayers for her grandma's neighbor getting his teeth pulled or wondering how to land Kris Jenner as a manager, it's pretty easy to see why so many guys want to get to know Julie.