Ariana Grande Covers XTina Like A Boss

The similarities are striking. You may have heard people compare Ariana Grande to Mariah Carey for their similarly impressive vocal ranges and allegedly diva-like behavior, but Carey isn't the only pop diva Grande might remind you of. When compared side-by-side, some of Grande's looks and outfit choices look weirdly similar to some of Christina Aguilera's, but the similarities don't stop with their style. While Grande's range is totally reminiscent of Carey's, her voice also brings to mind Aguilera's signature sound, and these two seem to have a lot in common in terms of vocal style. In fact, if you've ever heard Grande sing Christina Aguilera covers, then you'd agree that there's more than one legendary diva songstress that Grande is a spiritual successor to.

Aguilera and Grande sound a lot alike, and the proof is in Grande's covers of a few golden Aguilera classics. Thanks to YouTube, we now know that the 22-year-old appears to be an Aguilera fan, and she totally nails the covers. I'd never suggest that Grande is the new and improved Aguilera, because my loyalties will always lie with the "Genie In A Bottle," low-rise jean queen of the '00s, but she definitely could be a reincarnation of Aguilera's voice.

Here are the four Grande covers that prove she's the second coming of Aguilera.

1. "Beautiful"

She's definitely nailing the soulful vocal runs, and clearly a graduate of Xtina University. Though Grande hadn't quite grown into an Aguilera-level vocal strength whenever the video was created, if I hadn't known better, I would've sworn this was a young Aguilera singing, or an outtake from an Aguilera recording session.

2. "Hurt"

This is impressive. Just Grande chillin' in her kitchen, nailing an impromptu and totally a cappella rendition of "Hurt." For a cover recorded in her kitchen, even with its probably terrible acoustics, her ability to stay on pitch is kind of amazing, and her vocal range is shocking. For someone so tiny, she can really belt it out.

3. "Lady Marmalade"

Sure, Aguilera's signature growl is hard to replicate, but, if I closed by eyes and pretended Miranda Sings wasn't there backing Grande up on the duet cover, I might've easily thought it was Aguilera judging by the range and vocal runs.

4. "Wheel Of Musical Impressions With Ariana Grande"

All right, so this isn't technically Grande doing a cover of Aguilera. However, it goes right up there with the three that she did because Grande has to sing "The Wheels On The Bus" in Aguilera's signature croon — and she completely and utterly nails it. Probably because she's had so much practice with the above three covers, but, seriously, watch her imitation and try not to get chills.

Of course, there is only one Christina Aguilera, and Ariana Grande is not her. But when Grande wants to try and match the majesty of Aguilera's voice, let's just say she doesn't have too hard of a time.