Nick Viall Could Seriously Be The Next Bachelor

On Monday night, Bachelorette fans watched as two-time contestant Nick Viall had his heart broken again, this time by Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. It was rough! (Or, really satisfying, I guess, if you're a Nick Hater, but I wouldn't understand.) Following the airing of the episode, Nick gave an interview to People in which he explained that there is "zero chance" of him returning to The Bachelorette for a third time. It is more than reasonable to hear this and assume his Bachelor franchise days were finally over, but yet, that is not the case. Nick Viall could be the next Bachelor. This is not a drill. Nick might finally find love... only to have it end eight months later like it does for everyone else on the show.

Nick told Us Weekly on Tuesday,

As far as The Bachelor? I spent the past three months really just focusing on moving forward. It took a lot out of me, and all of my energy has been focused on [healing]. After last night, I think anyone would feel really lucky to be considered. It’s obviously an incredible opportunity.

Ya hear? "Anyone would feel really lucky to be considered?!?!" "An incredible opportunity?!?!" What is going on here?! It sounds like he's leaving a job interview! Here I was thinking that Ben H. was the next Bachelor and all was settled, then we get Nick V. popping up and being all, "Hey, y'all! I'm still here!" I mean, it's kind of his thing at this point, but I'm still surprised that he's even willing to consider taking on the role after he was very clear about never going on The Bachelorette again.

Nick continued,

It's one of those things I’d have to obviously spend a lot of time [discussing] with my family and friends, but I can’t say that I wouldn't. It’s certainly something that I’d have to take into serious consideration, because I want to take it seriously. I really want to do it only if I felt like it could really work for me.

From what I can tell, Nick is someone who doesn't like to live with regret, and I get that. He'd rather try something and have it not go so well, than not try at all, so I can totally see the show approaching him about being the Bachelor and him deciding to do it because what if he doesn't and doesn't meet his wife who was there waiting for him and that ruins his whole life?!?!! It's not hard to understand how someone could have this type of outlook, but apparently, if you are this type of person and end up on a reality show, you get sucked into an endless loop.

The solution? I say we throw him on Bachelor in Paradise. I imagine that mess would kick his Bachelor habit once and for all. Plus, like, Nick V. on BiP following TWO Bachelorette breakups? That's just good TV.

Image: ABC/Rick Rowell