Ben H. Will Be The Perfect 'Bachelor'

by Jodi Walker

I'm almost nervous about how high my hopes are for Ben H. as the next Bachelor — and he hasn't even officially been announced yet! I'm just asking to be disappointed. Both in real life and Bachelor-life, when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. A little negative, perhaps? Yes — but, I've been burned before (looking at you, Juan Pablo). But, the thing is, even though he was one of the last three men standing, in such an eventful season, we haven't even gotten to know Ben all that well yet. That's not that unusual in recent years: Juan Pablo was on, like, two episodes of Des' season, and Chris Soules after was mostly absent until he somehow popped up in the Final 3. But, from the little we have seen of Ben H., it's already clear that Ben H. has all the makings for a great Bachelor, possibly the best one we've had in years.

That isn't to say that he's as funny as Kaitlyn or as charming as Andi, but, when it comes to Bachelors (a totally different ballgame than Bachelorettes), from looking back at the Bros of Roses Past, it seems like less is more in the dynamic personality department. Ben can be funny without needing all the attention on him, kind without being misleading; and charming without seeming smarmy. See what I mean about setting my expectations too high? But, really, I think Ben will be a winning Bachelor, and here are a few more reasons to look forward to having him in the driver's seat...

1. He's Well-Spoken

Throughout Kaitlyn's season, Ben's most obvious strong Bachelor quality has been his ability to clearly communicate to her how he's feeling, even when that is as complicated as feeling weird about the time he left her and Shawn in a room together alone and sensed something had totally gone down when he got back. Being able to, y'know, talk might sound simple, but let's reflect back on Chris Soules for a moment... sweet guy, good intentions, but the moment emotions ran high, the man could not string two sentences together to express himself. With Ben in charge, communication channels are sure to run efficiently.

2. He's A Little Boring...

...like all the best Bachelors are! Juan Pablo wasn't boring and we all remember what happened there. Sean Lowe? Very boring... great Bachelor... still married. On the other side of the coin — Bachelorette Desiree? Same story. Being the Bachelor is a little like being a blank canvas on which to throw a bunch of, uh, unique contestants and see what sticks. A blank canvas can lead to a less messy the result.

3. He's Learned A Lot From A Pretty Rocky Season

I really hope Kaitlyn gets a husband (or maybe let's start with boyfriend) out of this deal, but man, has her season been a doozy. She's made a lot of controversial (I use that word in the truest sense, not in the way that Chris Harrison just uses it in place of "sex") decisions that, while she should stand by, have made the process pretty hard on her. Ben can reflect back on what his own Bachelorette did and learn a few lessons: If you're thinking about making a controversial decision or breaking the standard Bachelor rules, probably just don't sit everyone down and tell them about your entire thought process while doing so.

4. He's Mature

The best Bachelors need to be a little selfless. It's an inherently selfish mission asking 25 women to take time out of their lives to fly to California and sleep in bunk beds all so they can get, like, 20 minutes to date you a week. But, with that comes being able to admit that the process you've put them in might be difficult for them and understand all the emotional bumps that might come with that. Ben H. seems like he'll be the type of Bachelor to admit his own faults first and look for the best sides of his contestants.

5. He's Got The Look

I mean, the guy just looks like a Bachelor, and that is half the battle. He's tall enough to have a few inches on most women coming on the show; he has distinguished but barely-there forehead lines; he can pull off any style, but mostly keeps it classic; and he's, well, one handsome devil. He looks like if a Brady and a Kennedy got their Final Rose on and produced him.

6. The Audience Already Loves Him

Everyone thinks Ben should be the next Bachelor, including Kaitlyn herself. Having the audience on your side is a great way to start, as long as you can keep them there. If they turn on you, it will get ugly, but, as long as he doesn't break the hearts of any women we grow to love over the course of a season, we will stand by him until he inevitably breaks up with the fiance he spent all this time finding. Then we might turn on him. But, only then.

7. And Most Importantly... He's Ready For Love

Sappy, I know, but Ben is young — younger than most Bachelors — so all of the times he's told Kaitlyn that he was ready for a commitment were important. He's an old soul with a baby face and he's ready to unleash that calming presence on 25 potential future wives. Go get em', Ben H.!

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; giphy (6)