Cara Delevingne Should Star In 'Looking for Alaska' & Here's Why

The next John Green novel to get the big screen treatment will be Looking for Alaska, his first book, and casting is currently underway. The Wrap reports that Spider-Man runner-up Charlie Rowe and Mitchell Hope from Disney Channel’s Descendants are the finalists to play Miles, the new guy at a boarding school, and that The Witch star Anya Taylor-Joy is looking to land the role of Alaska in the movie. While this actress is certainly an interesting contender, I think the title role should go a veteran of the John Green universe. Delevingne should be Alaska, and here's why.

It's Delevingne's world, and we're just living in it. The supermodel-turned-actress has gotten good reviews for her performance as Margo Roth Spiegelman in the latest Green adaptation, Paper Towns. She made waves at Comic Con earlier this month with the release of the Suicide Squad trailer, which shows Delevingne taking on the acting challenge of playing both shy, young scientist June Moone and her evil alter ego, Enchantress. She continues to own Instagram with every cross-eyed face and reposted meme, and made headlines at every turn on the Paper Towns press tour. Let's review!

She Got Good Reviews For Her Acting in Paper Towns

Many critics praised her performance. Variety was basically fangirling over her (like anyone who follows her on Instagram), writing, "this striking actress is here to stay." She can act! It would be great to see her take on Alaska.

Alaska And Margo Are Basically The Same Character

Mysterious, moody, and mischievous, strutting through the lives of shy young men to teach them a lesson. Alaska Young and Margo Roth Spiegelman are pretty much the same character. Since Delevingne was really good at playing Margo, she'd be as good — if not better — as Alaska.

John Green Likes Consistency

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Nat Wolff starred in both Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars — it would be fun to have a carryover into the next film in the John Green Cinematic Universe, too. It's cute to see these actors work together with Green again. The audience loves the consistency, too — when I saw Paper Towns, people in the theatre audibly shrieked when — SPOILER! — Ansel Elgort made his cameo.

She'll Be an Even Bigger Movie Star By Then

Looking for Alaska will likely come out in the summer of 2017, after the guaranteed-to-be-huge Suicide Squad is released. She plays a pivotal role in that film as the reluctant supervillain Enchantress, and might even be the villain. A small film like Looking for Alaska could use the bump from a supermodel-turned-superstar, especially if the actor who plays Miles is lesser-known.

Here's to you, Cara!

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