Is Jackie Vanessa's Worst Nightmare On 'BB17'?

I never would have guessed I'd say these words, but here I go: I think Jackie is a threat on Big Brother 17 . No, really! After Vanessa evicted Jackie's closest ally in the house, Jeff, during Week 3, and now went back on her promise to evict Austin, Jackie is not happy with Vanessa — the current HOH — and I don't blame her. While I wouldn't exactly call Jeff a catch — I'd also say the same about Austin at the current moment — Jackie has been screwed over by Vanessa twice so far in this game, like "Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Vanessa" style, and it's time for payback.

LOL, OK, probably not. Vanessa is too good at this game, and I'm not sure Jackie even knows what game she's playing, but if she does, let the destruction begin. After Jason was nominated instead of Austin at the Veto Ceremony Jackie definitely realized that something was up, and if she lives by the "Fool me once," expression, it's time to take action.

Jackie, up until this week, was probably the last person I thought could shake up this game, but I'm desperate. With Jason out the door this week — probably — Vanessa and company are sitting pretty inside the house. The Sixth Sense alliance has maintained power week after week in the house, and it's about time someone knocked them down a peg... just to scare them. And I think Jackie might just have the fire under her butt now to take one of them out.

Jackie (and Meg) seem to see right through the Shelli and Clay showmance that no one else is even remotely worried about. Color me crazy, but she may be one of the smartest players in the house if she is actually willing to go after this duo. I'm not saying I'm rooting for her... But I'm not not rooting for her, OK? Just slay, queen. For more on this season of Big Brother, check out Bustle's podcast The Diary Room.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; JulizzNolan/Tumblr