13 Smart Tattoos For Science Nerds

Tattoos are a serious, permanent matter. You must really love something in order to get it inked on your body forever. For science lovers, that fascination with Charles Darwin or the Dirac isn't something likely to fade away at the speed of light so these 13 tattoos for science nerds are an awesome option. Even if chemistry wasn't your favorite class in high school, there's no denying these things are pretty darn gorgeous.

Sure, the deer on Louis Tomlinson's left arm might have a meaning hidden to society. And maybe Nicole Richie got those angel wings because she truly believed she could fly. But imagine the conversations these science-inspired tattoos could spark on nights out with friends or at your annual Comic-Con Convention. Thanks to people like Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson, being into science is actually pretty cool now. No one's gonna make fun of a sweet Higgs boson tattoo, that's for sure.

If tattoos and science are your thing, prepare to get major ink envy with this list of 13 tattoos for science nerds. And don't worry, I was careful not to include the periodic table. That would just be too unoriginal (and take up a lot of space).

1. An Atom

Let's start with the basics, shall we? The standard symbol for an atom looks gorgeous in brilliant colors.

2. Complete Equation For Gaussian Dispersion Modeling Of Continuous, Buoyant Air Pollution Plumes

Even if you're not highly invested in our carbon emissions, you can't deny that this is one gorgeous equation.

3. The Entire Solar System

Not exactly your standard elementary school science project, right?

4. A Molecule

Got a favorite nobel gas? Get its molecular structure inked on your bod.

5. Bragg Diffraction

I bet she's going to "bragg" about this to all her friends!

6. Dirac Equation

Another stunning formula.

7. Amino Acids

This pretty tattoo gets even cooler when you realize it says "I am star stuff" in amino acids.

8. A Robot

Nothing wrong with being hopeful about the future of technology.

9. An Astronaut

I hope this guy actually has aspirations of going to the moon. Regardless, I appreciate the attention to detail his tattoo artist obviously has.

10. Einstein

I may have left off the periodic table, but you didn't think I could forget the great Albert Einstein, did you? That's a legit portrait.

11. The Three S's

Sound, science, and semiotics.

12. Some Chromosomes

This is way more unique than just a birthdate.

12. Pluto

I still think of you as a planet, little guy.

13. The Periodic Table

OK FINE I LIED. This is pretty sweet.

Images: Lily Bui/Twitter