Lady Gaga Goes Even Bigger With Blingy Brows

You can pretty much expect Lady Gaga to take any element of her clothes or her makeup to the next level. Lately, Lady Gaga has blinged out her brows, but her latest bejeweling is one of her most extreme and extravagant embellished eyebrow looks yet. Yes, that's despite the fact that Mother Monster just bleached her brows, too.

Gaga is still doing the unusual and unimaginable, like a double brow, as a well. More on that look in a second, though!

While Gaga was dialing it down a bit with her clothes this summer — she has been doing tattered rock 'n' roll tees a lot lately — her stage makeup remains as Gaga as ever.

For her latest eye enhancement, her crafty and creative makeup artists affixed several rows of mini crystals over and above her bleached brows. The shape grows outward towards her temple and the lines o' bling essentially replace and mimic eyebrows.

When I look at this particular pair of brows, the shape reminds me of the cables of a suspension bridge. I know, that sounds crazy at first, but upon closer inspection, I think you'll see what I mean.

Obviously, this type of extreme brow is not really for the office or even for a date night. Unless, of course, you love getting wild 'n' crazy with your makeup or plan to go on a disco dance date. I love that Gaga and her MUA took it to the next level with the thickness and the shape.


Here's that bridge inspo that I was talking about. SeewudImean?

Mother Monster also posted a snap of these super arched, drawn on brows. They were placed above her natural brows, which were bleached and nearly invisible.

There are unibrows and there are monobrows. But leave it Gaga to have twin brows. At least she can be versatile, going either browless, embellished, or natural. Oh, to be a fabulous and fashionable pop star with so many eyebrow choices!

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (2); Getty (1)