'Broadly' Trailer For VICE's Women's Interest Documentary News Channel Looks Amazing — VIDEO

Witchcraft, all-female tribes, lesbian bars, girl-gangs, vagina art, and sex work are just some of the themes in VICE's brand new channel, Broadly. A women's-interest platform for original reporting and documentary video, Broadly takes us into the land of some super rad women and female-centric spaces, doing what we've been waiting for video journalism and media to do for years — give voice to the voiceless female minorities, especially women of color, women who are different sizes, trans women, non-Western women, and queer women. The trailer for Broadly just dropped, and it looks amazing: It depicts a variety of different people, stories, sisterhoods, and lifestyles, all culminating in one six-and-a-half-minute extravaganza of culture and inspiration (plus several seconds of Anne Coulter talking, but my eyes sort of glossed over for those parts). Overall, it looks like it's going to be pretty damn great, and I can't wait for Broadly to launch on August 3.

VICE, which reports across both magazine and television, is known for it's unsugarcoated, relentless, and oftentimes controversial investigative journalism. Some of their recent short documentary videos include "The Hard Lives of Britain's Synthetic Marijuana Addicts," "Russian Grave Robbers," and "Gay Conversion Therapy." VICE also has several offshoots that focus on specific aspects of news and culture, ranging from Motherboard for tech to Noisey for music and from VICE Sports for... well, sports, to Munchies for food. The magazine and channels are broadcast all over the world, with reporters and correspondents in 35 bureaus across the globe, including Berlin, Mexico, Kabul, Beijing, Moscow, New York, and L.A.

Some stories we can expect to see covered on the new channel include:

1. The Land of No Men

A story about an all-female village in Kenya where it seems that the priority is teaching women about their rights instead of marrying them off to men.

2. Islamic Dolls

A story in which a correspondent covers Adnaan Oktar, a Muslim creationist and his group of followers called his "kittens."

3. The Penis Parade and Vagina Kayaks

Why do hoards of families go out and publicly celebrate the D while vagina art can get you arrested and jailed for years?

4. Guns With Conservatives

In which Anne Coulter still somehow believes that women should not have the right to vote.

5. Prostitution in Spain

Where sex work is neither legal nor illegal.

6. Egg Freezing

Welcome to the science fiction future.

7. Witchcraft

But no wizardry. Sorry, Harry!

The trailer ends with some uplifting words: "The ways that we are women have changed so much. This is a beautiful thing... this generation has so much power." Kudos to VICE for being among the women-focused media groups to use this power for good.

Check out the full trailer below, and stay tuned for Broadly which launches on August 3.

Broadly on YouTube

Images: Fotolia; Broadly/YouTube (7)