Mehak Anwar

Mehak is a news writer at Elite Daily where she mostly covers politics, food trends, and memes. Her assignments have also led her to become a bit of an accidental expert in K-Pop and she can tell you what BTS or BLACKPINK are up to at any given moment. Mehak's bylines have appeared in HuffPost, Bustle, The Daily Dot, Hello Giggles, AlterNet, The Appeal, and Her Campus. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism from Emerson College in Boston, MA, where she and two friends launched Emerson's first feminist publication. When Mehak isn't obsessing over the latest Twitter meme format, you can find her camping somewhere in California with her dog Lola, becoming over-caffeinated at a specialty coffee shop, or trying to change someone's negative opinions about country music. You can follow Mehak on Twitter at @mhkanwr.