Confederate Flags Found At MLK Jr's Church

Early Thursday morning, several confederate flags were found at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Ebenezer Baptist Church was the church of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the church grounds consist of his childhood home, The King Center, and the church itself. Four confederate flags have been found in the church yard, and police along with Homeland Security have removed the flags. The flags were discovered beneath a sign that reads "Black lives matter, hands up." A church maintenance worker discovered them upon his arrival to the church on Thursday, after which he notified the National Park Service (The King Center is a nationally registered historic site).

Police have stated that the flags were not planted into the ground, but rather were placed on top of the ground near the Black Lives Matter sign. It is not yet known who placed the flags on church property, but a federal investigation is currently underway, according to ABC News. The only reported lead comes from a security guard who saw a suspicious vehicle near the church on Wednesday evening, but it is not clear that the vehicle has any link to the confederate flags. Ebenezer Baptist Church has said that they will make a statement about the discovery of these flags later on Thursday morning.