11 Items To Show That You Are #TeamDrake

by Alysse Dalessandro

When I woke up on July 29, I quickly saw that Drake had unleashed epic diss track "Back to Back" in response to Meek Mill's accusation that he doesn't write his own raps. As someone whose wardrobe is filled with Drake clothing inspired by his one-of-a-kind style, I didn't even have to listen to "Back to Back" to know whose side of this argument that I was going to be on. Don't get me wrong: I'm all about objective critique, but my position on #TeamDrake has never been up for debate.

Social media users and bloggers alike have had their "Twitter fingers" ablaze with think pieces and 140 character soliloquies about the beef between Drake and Mill. As a fashion writer, however, the details of the beef itself are not so much my bag. I have mostly been focused on coming up with ways to show my support for Drizzy, which includes decking myself out in Drake-themed fashion and jewelry and filling my office with home goods and decorations covered in his face. As a designer of Drake themed apparel myself, it was all too easy to find some of the best #TeamDrake pieces out there. Here are 11 items with which to show your loyalty to the former Degrassi star.

1. The Shots Fired Drake Versus Meek Mug

Drake Versus Meek Mill Coffee Mug, $12,

When I first found this mug, my initial reaction was an extremely loud gasp for the boldness and the quickness. My next thought was, "How soon can this get to me?" This is fit for the strongest of teas.

2. 100 Percent Drake Tears

Crying Drake Slip Ons, $33,

When I found these tennis shoes, I felt like I had really seen it all. The original artwork alone is rad and the fact that it's on a shoe that you can take with you anywhere is even better. The description says that these are designed for any "Drake fan or sad girl." I'm in my element just thinking about them.

3. Make Your Party Successful

Drake balloons, $3,

These Drake balloons seem like the perfect thing to fill Meek's dressing room with while he's on tour. Amirite?!

4. Drake Would Never

Drake Would Never Sweater, $58,

OMIGHTY is the same brand responsible for the now sold out baby Drake mini skirt, so the amazingness of this sweatshirt design comes as no surprise. Sensitive Drake would never do you wrong. Also, a similar tee is available in plus sizes here.

5. Baby Drake Buttons

Baby Drake Picture Pins, $4,

Speaking of baby Drake, I learned from stalking his Instagram is that Drake was really the cutest kid of all time. Immortalize that baby face with these buttons.

6. I Got My Eyes On Pizza Tee

Pizza NWTS T-Shirt, $20.27,

I feel as if combining lyrics from Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" with pizza deserves to be recognized for its brilliance.

7. Sweet Dreams

Waaay Up I Feel Blessed White Pillow Case With Black Writing, $15.99,

Because I have stalked Drake's Instagram in the name of journalistic research, I know that he is aware of the pillowcase craze. Perhaps this one will go over better than the one with his face on it?

8. Best You Ever Had Greeting Card

Drake "You The Best" Birthday Card, $4,

This is the greeting card to get for your bestie. In my mind, I feel like Drake would give this to Nicki. Her birthday is two days before mine, in case you want to get it for me too.

9. 0-100

0 to 100 Real Quick, $18,

I love the song "0 to 100" because I feel it so accurately describes the temperament of me and my fellow fire signs. Basically, don't mess with Drake or me, for that matter. This shirt also goes up to a size 5X for all my fellow thick babes.

10. Worst

Badly Drawn Drake - Hip Hop Poster, $10,

This is probably the worst drawing I've ever seen of Drake, which is exactly why I love it so much.

11. Expressive Drake Necklace

Emotional Drake Necklace, $12,

I feel like this necklace sums up Drake's reaction when he first saw that Meek had called him out.

Does anyone think a cardboard cutout of Drizzy would be too much?

Images: Courtesy Brands