Kylie Jenner Is Turning 18 Soon & Her Birthday Plans Are Giving Me Serious Hope For A Rob Kardashian Sighting

It's official: The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is about to reach a milestone birthday. On August 10, Kylie Jenner is turning 18 — not that it matters. She's already bought a house and has a super successful career, so what's turning 18? But it's still a pretty exciting occasion, and one that's going to be marked by what sounds like an awesome party. Kylie is celebrating her birthday at Beachclub Montreal, and we're all invited... well, those of us who are actually in Canada and feel like dropping cash to attend.

According to Beachclub's website, the event goes down August 16 as Kylie "takes advantage of Canadian drinking age" and parties down at the club to start the end of her teenage years off right. Sounds pretty fun, especially if it means being able to legally drink on your birthday three years early.

And even though, as someone who saw her 18th birthday a long time ago, this party shouldn't sound this appealing, it totally does. I mean, it's Kylie. And the club's description has me wishing I lived in America's hat, just this once — particularly the last line:

Kylie Jenner will be the last of the Kardashian/Jenner clan to celebrate her 18th birthday. Team Productions and Beachclub’s owner Olivier Primeau stepped up to the plate to offer Kylie the opportunity to party, and drink legally at a fantastic one of a kind venue! The event will take place on August 16th 2015, and will be sure to offer many special guests and great surprises

Being that booze, special guests, and great surprises are three of my favorite things, I'm in. And although there are still a few weeks to go before Kylie's bash, I'm hoping these things happen:

1. The Special Guests Are Taylor Swift & Her League Of Celebrity Friends

Ever notice that when a famous person is celebrating their birthday, Swift and her friends are never far behind? This is because she knows how to party, and being that she's now friends with the Jenners, it'd be awesome if she stopped in and performed.

2. Her Entire Family Is In Attendance

I'm talking Kendall, Khloe, Kim, Kanye, Kourtney, the whole bunch. And plenty of adorable Instagrams ensue.

3. The Cake Literally Has Her Face On It

It reportedly costs $3,000, so it better. Maybe one of her selfies? And it needs to be made of diamonds.

4. Rob Is There

Rob gets a separate category from her family, because this is that important. He has to come out of the woodwork sometime, and I am dying for him to make a public appearance. After all, his little sis only turns 18 once!

5. Kourtney & Scott Take The Opportunity To Reunite As A Gift To Kylie

What? A girl can dream!

6. Kris Jenner Presents Her With A Super Obnoxious & Expensive Gift

OK, but does that not sound like such a Kris Jenner thing to do? I'm just saying.

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