6 Insane Things Kylie Achieved Before Turning 18

by Michelle McGahan

Kylie Jenner turns the big 1-8 on August 10, even though it seems like she's actually been way older than that for pretty much forever. I mean, Kylie Jenner is 17 with the kind of success, wealth, and influence the rest of us could only hope one day to maybe achieve, like, one time — but still, 17. Truth be told, it's kind of awe-inducing to see what the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has achieved at an astonishingly young age. And I'm not just talking about bringing out pandemonium with those lips.

For all intents and purposes, Ms. Jenner has been killin’ it since she was just a fetus 10-year-old on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and probably even before that. In the seven years the world has come to know the magic that is #KingKylie, Jenner has gone from kid sister of the Kardashians to one of the most influential celebs for teens (more on that below) — earning her money, fame, and incredible career success all in her own right... and all before she's 18. And with accomplishments like these, I can only image the kind of things she’ll achieve once she’s a legal adult. Get ready, world.

1. She Bought A Freaking Mansion

The fact that Kylie could afford to buy a $2.7 million mansion kind of makes me want to rip my toenails out and send a not-so-anonymous letter to the Kardashian-Jenner clan begging them to pay my Manhattan rent. But once I get over the seething jealousy that pretty much consumed my soul, I have to admit, Kylie Jenner's manse is one badass pad. It's a casual five-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom, Spanish-style home that boasts almost 5,000 square feet and has things like an in-ground pool and a library so she can essentially become Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Let's be real, here: The Calabasas mansion is pretty much everything any kid who just turned 18 could ever want and it sure beats the hell out of living in a college dorm where the same kid sets the fire alarm off by burning his mac and cheese every night. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

2. She's Been Financially Independent Since She Was 14

Probably the most impressive achievement on this list, Kylie Jenner recently revealed that she's been supporting herself financially since she was just 14 years old. As in, the same age when other people get their first kiss and graduate from middle school.

"My mom hasn't financially supported me for three years now," Jenner recently told InStyle UK . "I pay for everything — my car, my gas and food as well as my clothes."

Sure, Kylie is able to be financially independent because she's been starring on Keeping Up With the Kardashians since she was 10 and has numerous fashion and business ventures under her belt (see: the rest of this list), but it's damn impressive that she's werkin' for her own dough. She could so easily be supported by her parents (and for a 17-year-old, it's not like this is a crazy concept) but the fact that she chooses not to be is pretty freaking cool. Four for you, Kylie Jenner. You go.

3. She Co-Authored A Sci-Fi Book. Kinda.

Along with her older sis, Kendall, a ghostwriter, Maya Sloan, and creative director, Elizabeth Killmond-Roman, Kylie gave the world Rebels: City of Indra, a Hunger Games-ish YA sci-fi novel. Yeah, the L.A. Times claims that the ghostwriter actually penned the book herself, but the creative director notes that the Jenner sisters did actually have a heavy hand in the novel. It's not like it's is going to be hailed a classic any time soon, but I give the Jenners props for not only coming out with a novel that isn't entirely vapid, but, for at least one moment in time, choosing to go down a route that wasn't expected of them.

4. She Is the Most Influential Kardashian Sister, According To A Very Scientific Study

The same way you have a Sex and the City character you most relate to, you're either a Kourtney, a Kim, a Khloe, a Kendall, or a Kylie. And according to a study done by Polyvore, most teens want to be a Kylie. The report showed that Kylie Jenner is the most influential Kardashian among teens — a teen herself whose own popularity has only steadily increased over the past several years, whereas some of her sisters' have already peaked. Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian krew, strongly believes it's Jenner's unique style that sets her apart from her sibs.

"Kylie decided she had this edgy style she wanted to bring to the table, and she wasn't satisfied going along with what Kendall wanted," the momager told Business Week in regards to the fam's Steve Madden shoe line. (Oh yeah, they also have a Steve Madden shoe line.)

5. Her Style Game Is Unreal

Say what you want about Kylie, but her fashion sense is on point. Whether it's her choppy, turquoise dip-dyed locks or plumped lips influential enough to start an entire trend amongst the teenage population of Twitter (disclaimer: suctioning your lips inside a water bottle is painful and will not give you the Kylie Jenner pout you so desperately crave), she is changing the style game as we know it. While I've shamelessly ogled her carefree Coachella looks — along with the rest of her 25.5 million Instagram followers — Kylie is going out and bringing her name to countless big-name brands, including OPI, PacSun, TopShop, and more. They may not be twins, but the Jenner sisters are certainly Mary-Kate and Ashley-ing it up. And anyone who can rock $40,000 worth of Cartier love bracelets on her arm (le drool) is worthy of something, even if it is just my green-tinged envy.

6. She Is Tolerant, Accepting, & Proud Of Caitlyn Jenner

While this is something we should expect from the world and is not necessarily a Kylie Jenner "achievement," so to speak, to be 17 years old and have your parent come out publicly as transgender is a literal life-changer, to say the least. And Kylie Jenner has dealt with it — in the public eye, no less — with incredible and truly inspirational poise and class. And that is something that should genuinely be respected.

Don't let anyone hold you down, Kylie Jenner. You do you.

Images: Giphy; Kylie Jenner/Instagram