How To Get Your Amy Schumer Fill Post-'Trainwreck'

So you've seen Trainwreck. You've cracked up at every one-liner and pop culture shout-out, have listened to "Uptown Girl" approximately 200 times, and have watched every Amy Schumer skit/speech/appearance that's available. In other words, you're head-over-heels for the movie, and why wouldn't you be? It's the best feminist fun you'll have at the movies all summer. But now that you've seen the film in theaters, you might be left with one nagging question — when will Trainwreck be on Netflix? Sure, it seems pretty soon, but when it comes to watching the hilarious antics of Amy Schumer and co., it's never really too early.

Well, seeing as the movie came out in mid-July and nowadays, films take just a few months to come out on DVD, and Netflix usually puts movies up about a year or so after their DVD release dates... I'd say that there's a decent chance of Trainwreck coming to the streaming site in November 2016. Ugh, so far away. If you need that Trainwreck streaming fix ASAP and just can't bear the idea of having to wait so many months to see it again, here are seven other Netflix-available films and shows featuring the Trainwreck cast and crew that should ease the pain while you wait:

Women Aren't Funny, Starring Amy Schumer

This 2013 documentary examining the gender disparity in comedy features interviews with several major comics, including Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Dane Cook, among many others.

Saturday Night Live: The 2010s, Starring Bill Hader

This compilation of the decade's best SNL skits is a must-watch for comedy fans. One word: Stefon.

Short Term 12, Starring Brie Larson

One of the most underrated movies, well, ever, Short Term 12 is an absolute must-see. It's a painful but hugely important movie that features an Oscar-worthy performance by Larson as a foster group supervisor dealing with both personal and professional troubles.

Undeclared, Created By Judd Apatow

The beloved cult sitcom aired for just one season, but it's a must-watch for all those who love Apatow and his brand of hilariously awkward comedy.

Snowpiercer, Starring Tilda Swinton

The most versatile actress ever, Swinton kills (literally) as a horribly cruel (albeit fantastically dressed) official running a train full of post-apocalypse victims. It's as awesome as it sounds.

Price Check, Starring Amy Schumer

This 2012 comedy isn't particularly groundbreaking, but it does have a cast including Schumer, Parker Posey, and the late Edward Herrmann.

Horns, Starring Daniel Radcliffe

Blown away by Radcliffe's performance as a lonely dog walker in Trainwreck's movie-within-a-movie The Dogwalker? Then catch him in Horns, a horror comedy starring the actor as a man who — wait for it — develops horns.

It may not be Trainwreck on Netflix, but these seven movies and shows should satisfy fans in need of some Amy Schumer/Bill Hader/evil Daniel Radcliffe in their lives, ASAP.

Image: Universal Pictures