One Direction "Never Enough" Lyrics Look Familiar: Will The Band's Next Album Truly Have A "New Identity"?

Directioners all over the world went bonkers on Monday when "Never Enough," an alleged leak from One Direction's new album, hit the Web. At the beginning of July, band member Harry Styles told Entertainment Weekly that 1D's next LP "carries a slightly new identity," noting that they've "branched out and worked with different writers"; however, the "Never Enough" lyrics (the few I've been able to decipher, anyway) don't look much different from the giddy, love-drunk lyrics the group's been singing for years. Huh. Check 'em out for yourself below.


It's so good, I forget my name

If I could, I'd give you everything


I don't need my love

You can take it, you can take it

I don't need my heart

You can wreck it, you can break it

I just can't get too much

Every minute, every minute...

So, will One Direction's upcoming project truly have a "new identity"? Or will it end up being a rehash of their old tunes? It's a fair question — especially when you consider that this will be the guys' fifth album in five years. Oof. With that in mind, I don't think it's at all unreasonable to wonder if a little creative fatigue has begun to set in. Here's the recently leaked "Never Enough" preview:

Fortunately, based on what we've heard so far (assuming "Never Enough" is, in fact, a recent song), I still think 1D's as-yet-untitled fifth LP could have the fresh vibe Styles promised. Though its lyrics don't appear to break any new ground, "Never Enough's" production sounds like a nice blend of the power pop heard on the band's first two albums and the more mature rock style they've adopted recently. I could definitely be into that!

When it's all said and done, I'm actually feeling very optimistic about the group's forthcoming effort. Hopefully, we'll hear more new material soon.