How Long Have Marcus & Lacy Been Together?

Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise was wonderful summer television for many reasons, most of them connected to strangers proclaiming they could fall in love within a span of six hours on the first night. And even though most of those couples didn't last, one emerged from the show seemingly happily in love: Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul. So, how long have Marcus and Lacy been together? Let's take a look back.

The answer itself is not that crazy: They've been together about a year. But what's important isn't how long they've been together, it's how much they've done together as a couple in that short period of time. Because while most couples, even clingy ones, would still be at the honeymoon stage at around a year in, Marcus and Lacy are literally going on their honeymoon.

When these two met, it was on one of the first nights of Bachelor in Paradise Season 1, and after only days had passed, already these two couldn't keep their hands off of one another. When Lacy had to be driven off in a ambulance due to dehydration? Marcus was there holding her hand for the brief hospital stay. By the time the series was halfway done, the rest of the BiP cast tried to steer clear of Marcus and Lacy, sometimes even offering them their date cards out of sheer intimidation at their level of commitment. And commitment is what Marcus and Lacy are all about.

They've Celebrated Holidays Together

These two can be relied on to post a professionally staged picture at every holiday. The average time it takes most couples to do this? I don't know, what's the average mom jeans age? 40? 48?

They Refer To Themselves As A "Family"

Note the inclusion of their tiny dog! That is territory usually reserved for couples who haven been together for at least five years.

They Travel Together

They say that you don't really know your significant other until traveling with them. I don't know what that means when you met that significant other while traveling, but I guess Marcus and Lacy know one another pretty well now.

They Post Suggestive Pictures Of Babies

Posting pictures of their young nieces and nephews is not necessarily sinister, but they're already doing the whole "hinting at becoming future parents" thing rather quickly into their relationship. Most couples wait longer than a year to even joke about having kids, but I expect that as soon as these two want to procreate, somehow they'll have figured out how to carry a healthy baby to term in three months.

They Have Photos Of Their Photos

They literally cannot stop the PDA! That's deep infatuation.

They Posed Against One Of Those Photo Backgrounds

Relationships 10 times as long as Marcus and Lacy's haven't reached the "pose as farmer and cow" stage.

They Have Their Own Perfume

Note that it's called "I do," in honor of their commitment. The scent of their marriage is literally commitment! I'm just going to assume that almost no couples get to this stage, no matter how long they've been together.

And, Of Course, They Got Married On TV

If you've managed to avoid the news that Marcus and Lacy are getting hitched on the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, I'm sorry to ruin it for you. But after seeing everything else that these two have done in just the short period of a year-long relationship, I think it's not even that surprising that these two have made their union official so quickly. Get ready to watch it all go down on the BiP season premiere.