Lacy & Marcus From 'Paradise' Prove Love Is Real

I'll be the first to admit I am a skeptic of finding love on shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelor in Paradise. Can you blame me? The track record for the show is not exactly a selling point. But then there are a few unicorn couples, like Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd who fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise , that restore my faith in the system just a little bit. Marcus and Lacy, Bachelorette and Bachelor contestants respectively, shockingly ended their season of Bachelor in Paradise with an engagement... and have stayed engaged. That never happens!

According to Us Weekly, Marcus and Lacy have already secretly married in a private ceremony. Some speculate if the two had their private ceremony taped for Bachelor in Paradise , which we'll all know in good time. In the meantime, it only seems fair that we swoon over this couples' complete cuteness by looking at some of their best photos from this year. May this remind us that Bachelor in Paradise can work, love is real, and we all need to Secret vision board Marcus and Lacy and hope it will come true in our own lives.

Until then, I'll just leave these here...

When They Celebrated Our Great Nation

Nothing is more American than red, white, and blue and finding love on reality TV.

When They Went Horseback Riding

It's like a bad Bachelor date card, but not, because they're in love.

When They Went To A Music Festival

Flower headbands! Bandanas! A marriage of two equally important types of Festival People.

When They Actually Were A Nicholas Sparks Movie

I don't even care that it's a sponsored photo. It's f—king cute.

When They Were Sporty Together

I just want to play doubles with them.

When They Vegged Out

Probably watching The Bachelor.

When They Fed Each Other Oreos

Seriously, this is a life goal to be fed Oreos by someone who loves me. Does that sound sad?

When They Were Very Pretty Little Liars


When They Rooted For Chris...

... Even though we all knew how it was going to end.


Love. Is. Real.

Images: Giphy