Tenley Molzahn Built Success After 'The Bachelor'

Ahh, there's nothing like the heat of a Bachelor in Paradise season. Former stars of the franchise start popping up and return for more chances at love, and the Bachelor in Paradise cast is filled with some contestants that haven't appeared in a while. Like Bachelor in Paradise cast member Tenley Molzahn who appeared on Jake's season of The Bachelor and the first round of Bachelor Pad. Now, she's going to be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, and even though Tenley is going to be rejoining ABC's Bachelor family, it doesn't seem like she's been waiting around to be on the telly again. If her Instagram is anything to judge by, Molzahn has a thriving career and what seems like a cool personal life.

During Season 2 of BiP, Tenley will be one of the dozen women showing up to fall in love with one of the dozen guys picked by the production in order to have maximum drama and maximum chemistry. But whether or not Tenley is one of the people to fall madly in love while on the beaches of Playa Escondida, she has plenty to keep her busy once she leaves Bachelor in Paradise.

She May Be Dating Ben H.

Talk about spoilers. It's just a rumor right now, but if Tenley and Ben H. really are dating as E! has reported, that means the assumed future Bachelor already has a GF, which is kind of a problem. It also pretty much spoils that Tenley doesn't fall in love in Paradise — if the rumor is for real. But if they are dating and they're happy, it's good for them... even if it's bad for TV.

She Works As A Health Guru

Tenley runs her own business as a "wellness coach." Basically, you know how she always looks beautiful and glow-y? With her help, you, too, can have the air of professionally done makeup and hair, and get rid of all your personal problems while you're at it.

Taking Advantage Of Her Dance Background

Looks like Tenley is in the middle of a photo project for Tenley's Sweet & Free Life. In her onsite bio, she says dance was her "first love," and what she did professionally in Disney shows for years.

She Makes Gluten-Free Look Fun

Because of an allergy, Tenley went gluten-free, and now compiles her best recipes for her site. She's basically like a more relatable Gwyneth.

She's Volunteered Overseas

Tenley just posted this flashback to when she did charity work in Malawi just two years ago.

She's A Huge Broncos Fan

You know how (temporary) fame changes some people? Well, nothing could possibly change Tenley's love for the Broncos.

She's Hanging Out With Cool Babies

Coffee in one hand, infant in the other... I mean, she must have incredible balance, because I cannot carry one of those things.

And Cool Dogs

Dog in one hand, coffee in the other. That's the life.

But More Than Anything, It Seems Like She Really Loves Coffee

I hope they had a coffee machine in the Bachelor in Paradise house, because otherwise they were probably dealing with a very grumpy Tenley. In the time since she left The Bachelor, she developed a business without losing her original passion, manages to make even healthy recipes seem cool, and slays Instagram daily. I'd say that when on Bachelor in Paradise, Tenley will be a serious catch for whatever lucky guy she pairs up with.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC