Of Course Kennedy From MTV Is Getting Her Own Show on Fox News, Now

If you don't remember Kennedy, that VJ from MTV's early '90s series Alternative Nation, don't worry: It's probably because you've blocked her out, or something. Though she made recent attempts to get people talking about her again by releasing a new book in which she talked about that one time Michael Jordan tried to take her virginity, it seems that nothing quite worked — until now. According to Gawker, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery is getting a TV show with Fox Business Network, which is set to be titled The Independents.

As with all shows that are associated with Fox News, The Independents will be a conservative talk show — which makes sense, since Kennedy basically built her career in the early '90s on being so conservative that she was the one MTV VJ that everyone hated. She'll reportedly be co-hosting the series, so there will be two others — both men, apparently — to hate sitting next to her as she talks about her pink GOP elephant tattoo (which she actually has, according to Gawker !) and maybe that one time she pretended to give oral sex to a microphone while standing on a stage next to former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani and a bunch of MTV executives. This is going to be a weird show.

Want to know when to watch it (or avoid it)? According to Deadline , the series will air on Dec. 9, at 9 p.m.