Ben Affleck & Nanny Affair Rumors Surface Again

After a major celebrity couple decides to breakup, it's almost inevitable for rumors about the end of their relationship to start surfacing. That is what's happening now with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's separation following their sad announcement in June 2015 — and, in this case, the rumors are pretty damaging. Despite the fact that Affleck and Garner have seemingly split under friendly terms, new tabloid gossip is suggesting something much more illicit — even though reps have stated that there is no truth to the rumors. According to an anonymous source for Us Weekly, Affleck is rumored to have been dating his children's former nanny, Christine Ouzounion — rumors that allegedly prompted both the separation announcement and Ouzounion's firing. Though the rumors were quickly denied by Affleck's rep, according to E! Online, a "friend close to Ouzounion" is speaking out about them.

According to E! News, Ouzounion's alleged friend was the one who spilled details about the rumored relationship between the nanny and the Argo actor/director. The friend reportedly said that Affleck and Ouzounion's relationship had become "serious" to Ouzounion in recent months, and that they often hung out without Affleck and Garner's three children. According to this friend, Garner allegedly decided to fire Ouzounion after she learned that the nanny and her husband had been "intimate" while the family was vacationing together.

That might all sound very Hollywood and very, very juicy, but it's also highly likely that it's untrue. Affleck's rep vehemently denied that anything unprofessional or romantic was going on between Ouzounion and the actor after Us Weekly ran a story about their alleged affair, and so far, the only people speaking out about it are these so-called anonymous friends of Ouzounion. Even Ouzounion is staying mum on the subject, which makes the whole thing seem completely fabricated for the tabloids.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The salacious tale almost reads too cookie-cutter to be true. Cute nanny in the picture? Well, clearly she must be the temptress having a secret torrid affair with the Hollywood husband. These things may happen, but they definitely happen a lot less frequently than tabloids would suggest that they do.

So far, the only thing that we really have to go off with here is Affleck's and Garner's word — and as of now, they're staying silent and denying these claims through their reps. Affleck and Garner are busy people who just made a huge life change — these rumors aren't exactly worth their time. Let's hope that Garner and Affleck's split is able to stay as friendly as possible, because for the sake of everyone involved, no one needs more pain added to this situation.

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