Everlane's Shopping App Is For True Fans Only

Everlane has been making great strides lately. Last week, the fashion brand got Gap's former creative director, Rebekka Bay on board and now Everlane launched a shopping app for iOS users. And no, this app isn't going to be your typical shopping app that you end up deleting from your phone after realizing you need some extra memory space. Everlane wanted their app to be different from all the standard shopping apps. So, how'd they do it? By turning their app into a shopping-weather hybrid app. So not only does the app let you easily purchase clothes, but it also suggests what to buy and wear depending on the weather.

On top of that, this app is perfect for all Everlane superfans because only app users will get early access to all of the latest releases. You can even allow the app to give you push notifications whenever a new item is released. However, because Everlane has a pretty big hardcore fanbase, early access releases will sell out fast so be prepared to make quick purchases or get on the waitlist. And with the integration of Apple Pay, super quick checkouts are possible, too. Just add whatever you want to your cart, swipe your fingerprint on the home button, and you're done.

I'm hoping the next feature Everlane adds to their app has something to do with their clothing delivery program. Fingers crossed!

Images: everlane/Instagram (3)