There Are 12,000 People On The Waitlist For This

If you thought the waitlist for MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick during Christmas was bad, then I think your head is going to explode when trying to purchase a pair from Everlane’s latest pants collection this week. Everlane just released The Pants Collection today and had their waitlist is already filled with 12,000 customers. Before today's release, Everlane gave their customers the option to test out their pants in order to get a general opinion on the fit. Taking their insanely long waitlist into consideration, I’m going to assume these pants are life-changing.

Everlane stays true to their comfortable and simple style with the addition of two brand new pant styles: slim and slouchy. Like all pieces from Everlane, these pants can both be dressed up and down, depending on what you pair them with. They’re both made of wool, but the slim pair is mixed with stretchy fabric while the slouchy pair has drapey wool. The slouchy one kind of has this slight MC Hammer pants vibe going on and I'm totally loving it. You can cop the slims for $98 and the slouchy pair for $120. Can't choose which one you want? Me neither. Their advertisement says, “You’ll probably need both,” which is an obvious sales pitch, but...sigh. Take my money Everlane. Just take it, already!

Images: everlane/Instagram