Minimum Wage Should Be Raised, Says Obama: Five Low-Paid Jobs That Will Surprise You

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On Wednesday, President Obama declared his support for raising the minimum wage... again. He also spoke to the growing issue of income inequality... again. Love Obama or hate him, it's clear that his words aren't amounting to action when it comes to getting the minimum wage raised.

This year, America has seen a huge amount of backlash from employees who remain frustratedly underpaid: The fast food industry has faced employee strikes, as has Walmart. And what's been done about the minimum wage? Well, McDonald's told their employees to go on food stamps and Medicaid. And Ashton Kutcher defended Walmart associates over Twitter, so there's that.

But while fast-food and Walmart employees may be at the forefront of the minimum-wage protests, they're not the only ones who are facing the brunt of income inequality. There are even more jobs that you wouldn't believe pay near minimum wage, and here are five of them...

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