This Hated 'Big Brother' Twist Is Done

This is what I assume the Boston Tea Party felt like, or when the Capitol is overthrown in The Hunger Games, because the cruel torture of Big Brother 17 's lame Battle of the Block is officially over, and we should all be dancing in the streets! It's been the longest five weeks of my life having to watch Big Brother with the one twist that I can confidently say I hate more than Frankie Grande's Big Brother game... Finally, we are free from the reign of BoB and now the games can officially begin.

Julie Chen thinks Battle of the Block is considered a fan-favorite. But, I think it was a ceiling fan. Maybe one of those small hand held fans you bring to Disney to avoid heat stroke. What I'm getting at is that no actual human liked Battle of the Block, so this day could not have come sooner. Now that BoB is over, the game will shift a lot, because people can't use the crutch of nominating houseguests just to have them throw the BoB competition. The houseguests are going to have to start getting blood on their hands — or as Vanessa says, "take a swan dive off a roof into a pool of blood" — and I can't wait.

Now that BoB is over, HoH competitions have never been more important. The only way you are guaranteed safety at the Veto Ceremony is to be the Veto holder or the HoH. That means everyone is at risk more now that BoB is over.Plus, we won't have to sit through a lame-o competition on Sunday night's anymore. Take that Julie Chen! We're not gonna take it. NO, we ain't gonna take it.... (that's how that song goes, right?)

Anyway, can't wait to see how everyone's game changes now that BoB is outski. I'd say "May the odds be ever in your favor," but I want people to shake in their boots... So may they not be in your favor (... Austin).

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Images: CBS