'BIP's Married Couple Aren't Roommates Yet

by Lindsey Kupfer

It's been exactly a year since Marcus and Lacy got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise. Now, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are surprising everyone by exchanging vows on the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. So what has the happy couple been up to since they left "paradise"? Have Marcus & Lacy moved in together yet? As it turns out while they did get a place together, they haven't technically become roommates just yet. According to a rep for Lacy, the couple are living separately while Marcus trains to be in the coast guard.

After they wed, which happened while they were filming Bachelor in Paradise in June, Marcus went off to live on base at an undisclosed location while Lacy went back to their Southern California home as she works at an elderly care facility. Luckily they won't be apart for too long. I was told he will be home on October 2 after training ends. “They are both looking forward to starting their next chapter together when he returns home,” the rep said. I wonder if he will be M.I.A. on Twitter during BIP...

There is a different feeling between a couple living together and a married couple living together, at least that's what my married friends tell me. So, I decided to talk to them and see what we're some things that were difficult to get used to when you get married so Marcus and Lacy can prepare for things that might be challenging for newlywed roomies.

Sharing The Bed

It's something you never realized you missed until you have a night without your significant other. There is nothing worse then having the freedom to roll around in a queen bed and then realizing you're going to have to share with someone for the rest of your life.

Sharing The TV

At least Lacy and Marcus can agree on one Monday night TV show, but otherwise they will have to learn to share the remote. I imagine that would be hard for newlyweds, at least in my single world I can control all the trashy TV I consume.

Agreeing On Dinner

When you're single you have the luxury of ordering whatever type of food you're craving, but when you're married you order food together, you make food together, basically you have to be in the same mood for food as each other.

Learning Each Other's Brands

Let's face it, every single person has a brand preference. Sorry, but if you marry a one-ply toilet paper person you should probably straighten that out sooner rather than later.

Different Schedules

It’s hard to adjust to someone else’s schedule depending on what time they have to get up and go to sleep. Not to mention if your schedules are different it’s exceptionally harder to quietly move around while the other person continues to sleep. Coordination is key.

Mystery Hairs In The Bathroom

My good friend just got married and she told me there are random hairs all over the bathroom and while I only understand female hair everywhere, I assume it's a whole different experience finding facial hair all over the sink. Sorry, Lacy!

Sharing Food

One of my friends brought to my attention the fact that couples share all their food. The struggle for the last Oreo is very real. Also, I hate sharing so I am not looking forward to this in the future. Hopefully, the newlyweds can learn to share.

Images: Courtesy of Julie Wiseman; WiffleGif (7)